Man Uses Fake Badge While Ringing Doorbells: Cops

  • Published on:  6/7/2019
  • Someone was trying to make homeowners think he's a cop by wearing a sport jacket like a detective would, appearing to flash a fake badge and ringing doorbells in several Chicago-area communities, police said. When someone opened the door he said he was an investigator and was working on a missing person case. Police say he never made any threats or tried to enter homes. Days after police alerted residents, several people were taken into custody.'s Lisa Voyticki reports.


  • TeamNoLimit 1 months ago

    Just imagine if he knocks on a cops house by accident

  • Use code WILDCAT 3 days ago

    I’m the 9k likeI don’t care if you don’t care

  • CIA 21 days ago

    @Dutch 8.6 huh not great not terrible

  • Erik R 1 months ago

    He's a fake cop, but he's going to be put in a real jail.

  • That Highlightt Okay!! 🤨

  • Rahab McNeish 23 days ago


  • It’s not a good idea to pretend to be a cop tbh.

  • Rymmms Aquire 23 days ago

    i see you everywhere😂

  • 797475712 790 23 days ago


  • Stxrry N1ght 1 months ago

    Tbh I was thinking he would bust into the home

  • TopFlight 24 days ago


  • TopFlight 24 days ago

    John wick's Puppy LOO

  • SuperMustseetv 1 months ago

    Damn that GTA game in real life, role playing to the next level lol.

  • Bar D 24 days ago

    SuperMustseetv he was asking questions about a missing person. Perhaps the real police weren’t doing their job and he needed information.

  • Hollyn Sage 26 days ago


  • Hi 1 months ago

    I bet the first person didn’t open the door cause they had warrants.😂

  • John Boy 25 days ago

    Hahaahabhaabha aha aha aha ha abahahhahahahahhahahah

  • Dale Givens 25 days ago


  • Mimi M 1 months ago

    Turns out it's really two children on top of each other, dressed like a cop.

  • Johnny Speedy 23 days ago

    Hey mimi can I smash?

  • Jacob Taylor 23 days ago

    Oh no, not _again_ !

  • Veronica Gomez 1 months ago

    “You got a warrant my guy?” “I got a badge.” *locks door*

  • Fizzy Gacha 22 days ago

    @SoCal Rocks I dunno why but that last sentence makes me laugh

  • SoCal Rocks 24 days ago

    Monroe please read the fourth amendment. Of course exigent circumstances exist, however police can’t enter a place to search without a warrant or consent. Welcome to America.

  • Inspector Steve 1 months ago

    He's young. Probably failed his police test and wanted to still be a cop. That's a felony.

  • PepeSylvia 24 days ago

    Inspector Steve he was 15 or 16. There was a bunch of kids arrested

  • Inspector Steve 24 days ago

    @PepeSylvia he's probably over 18 and that's all that matters. He's an adult breaking the law. If he's looking for a friend he's doing everything wrong.

  • Anahi xo 1 months ago

    Maybe he was doing an investigation of his own. He wanted answers.

  • Logan Bme 21 days ago

    I would like some answers from you miss lady

  • fadea shokr 22 days ago