Masego - Queen Tings ft. Tiffany Gouché (Official Music Video)



  • Diana Augustin
    Diana Augustin 21 days ago+2827

    The model in this video made me click so fast. She’s gorgeous

  • Ben Ola
    Ben Ola 14 days ago+1242

    Woah the black beauty in this video makes me want to cry

  • Whitney Lubin
    Whitney Lubin 14 days ago+792

    I definitely clicked immediately because of the ethereal looking dark skin model.

  • Kheilah Short
    Kheilah Short 14 days ago+305

    The model remind me of a beautiful cat. Like a Jaguar or Cheetah. Her features are gorgeous 😍😍

  • eloquexquisite
    eloquexquisite 14 days ago+456

    The dark skinned model has the features of a lioness, so beautiful

  • Hope Mwangi
    Hope Mwangi 21 days ago+1988

    This songs sounds like how it feels when you put on cocoa butter ♡♡

  • Austin ATOM
    Austin ATOM 14 days ago+484

    Who’s the woman at the beginning?! Good lord she fine 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Cara Lynn
    Cara Lynn yesterday+4

    I love how he represents all shades of black because we are all one, and all very beautiful.

  • Rosemary Haireka
    Rosemary Haireka 14 days ago+513

    I appreciate how the dark skinned woman is maining in this video! THAT MELANIN POPPING AND GLOWING 🌟

  • Emmanuel Fletcher
    Emmanuel Fletcher 7 days ago+58

    Dark chocolate and late summer vibes. I got a new favorite song.

  • Jessica Sanders
    Jessica Sanders 21 days ago+1885

    Yeah but how did u get Mother Earth herself to be in your video? 🤔

  • Aziz Brown
    Aziz Brown 14 days ago+74

    This video is beautiful. Felt like I was stepping into a higher vibration for a moment

  • Samke Makhoba
    Samke Makhoba 13 hours ago+2

    my boyfriend tried to romance me with this track and video. i fell for him all over again.

  • Soninha Cumbi
    Soninha Cumbi yesterday+1

    I keep coming back to see how many views this video has. MASEGO is so UNDERRATED! This video is everything it kills me that it has so “few” views.
    This is Art !

  • Blezz J.
    Blezz J. 14 days ago+103

    I didn’t want the visuals to end 😫🥰🔥 3 mins went by so fast 🥺

  • Omar Velasquez
    Omar Velasquez 21 days ago+2529

    Who all here is a masego fan ?! 👀

  • 애 정Minnvie
    애 정Minnvie 7 days ago+76

    Blacks are really Queens of true beauty and braveness, this song is giving me good vibes

  • Kim Jennie 야만인 :3

    This is B͎E͎A͎U͎T͎I͎F͎U͎L͎ and very natural and love how they’re skin glows and the song is so relaxing luv it 💯

  • larche mohamed
    larche mohamed 14 days ago+32

    two words, African beauty

    LEAH GIBBS 2 days ago+4