Game Theory: FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)

  • Published on:  1/28/2018
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  • Slim Jim
    Slim Jim 2 months ago+1969

    Remember when people used to ship Foxy and Mangle LOL

  • AndrewCrem99
    AndrewCrem99 2 months ago+1059

    Matpat: This will hopefully the last of the purple guy saga
    Glitchtrap: I pulled a little sneaky on ya

  • wolvesrock15679
    wolvesrock15679 7 days ago+72

    when you come back to watch old theories of him saying the afton family over and over again after he change everything to the emily family

  • Mika Rose
    Mika Rose 14 days ago+186

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    This theory stars at 3:22

  • Luân Lê Anh
    Luân Lê Anh 2 months ago+501

    Purple guy: kill a dog to make mangle
    Me: angry John Wick noises
    Edit: I want to thanks everyone for this attention

  • Guilds of Pharoh
    Guilds of Pharoh 2 months ago +233

    "But for one of you, the darkest pit of hell has come to swallow you whole, so don't keep the devil waiting, old friend"

  • Kovo
    Kovo 2 months ago+201

    me watching this vid in 2019:
    this video: do u kno de wae
    me: * disintegrates *

  • stay the heck away from my memes

    kid: tries to struggle from the grasp of lefty
    Lefty: Let’s fix that with a controlled shock.

  • Egg Thanos
    Egg Thanos 7 days ago+20

    “This is meant to be the last game!”
    Fnaf Help Wanted: Oops!

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis 5 months ago+2792

    Don't keep the devil waiting old friend
    That line was so badass wow

  • Gamzee Marker
    Gamzee Marker 2 months ago+226

    “The puppet,with nothing inside”
    Me:*gasp* :O JUST LIKE ME :D !!!!

  • Nene Motoe
    Nene Motoe 7 days ago+31

    Orange Guy is........

  • Mariana Prada Mendez
    Mariana Prada Mendez 2 months ago+60

    The day FNAF 6, Pizzeria simulator, was released, was my birthday, I screamed

  • MR. Chewbacca 217
    MR. Chewbacca 217 7 days ago+15

    About to get banished to a place of torture for infinity
    MatPat: Oh yeah make sure to buy my merch

  • Mr. Hippo
    Mr. Hippo 2 months ago+1599

    Matpat: Makes a theory centered around mangle not being able to talk
    UCN Voice lines: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career

  • MC. Thunder
    MC. Thunder 2 months ago+44

    “No More Secrets”
    FNAF VR: I’m about to wreck this mans whole career

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez 2 months ago+22

    Fnaf endgame...,
    Who survived the snap?

  • LightningDoseGaming
    LightningDoseGaming 7 days ago+16

    Mustard man: hi
    Mat: who u
    Mustard man: I'm somebody
    Mat: ITS AFTON B**

  • Depresso MuffinCat
    Depresso MuffinCat 2 months ago+29

    WAIT-MatPat! He made a new update to his site! it's 6/20/19 but it's 'HELP WANTED- VR' And when you Inspect it-It says 'Remember Jeremy'

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi a years ago+7154

    When am I going to learn not to watch these FNAF theories right before bed...