What's inside Apple HomePod?

  • Published on:  2/12/2018
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  • Rockmanu
    Rockmanu 7 months ago+2404

    Missed opportunity to say "Hey Siri, can I AXE you a question?"

  • notti2501
    notti2501 14 hours ago


  • Jiri Mysicka
    Jiri Mysicka yesterday

    Holy crap I don't feel good watching this video. I don't like it. If you don't know to make something, go and destroy something. Poor little batteries, little geniuses.

  • Baleur
    Baleur yesterday

    2:25 what a perfect analogy. She's scared of things she can't do. Which is a heck of a lot.

  • chamaraanu
    chamaraanu yesterday

    Capacitors for god's sake. Those are not batteries.

  • chamaraanu
    chamaraanu yesterday

    If you've had learned some electronics, you could have taught your kid something more, to become a better unboxer, openner. Well it's fine anyway, the internet approves anything these days.

  • Mc CreeperGaming // Aydin

    Cut open a Nintendo Switch

  • tapiocaa tea
    tapiocaa tea 2 days ago

    I cried while watching this.

  • Will and Milo Wednesdays

    Is that your claw machine at the start of the video when you walk in?

  • Mvd Prasad
    Mvd Prasad 2 days ago

    Can i get one from you guys... With working

  • twisted whiskers
    twisted whiskers 2 days ago

    My Siri when off when Lincoln said hey Siri

  • Exploding Brick
    Exploding Brick 2 days ago


  • Pedro García
    Pedro García 2 days ago

    I wish they had just a bit of electronic knowledge considering they're one of the most subscribed tech teardown channels. Absolute garbage of content; they don't even try to open it correctly.

  • Guerlanda Escarment

    I need a homepod

  • Thebestgamer T
    Thebestgamer T 2 days ago


  • STB 06
    STB 06 2 days ago

    whats inside the note 9

  • Randi Hardy
    Randi Hardy 3 days ago


  • Auroa Siordia
    Auroa Siordia 4 days ago

    Wat 😲 caries Free buffer spiker

  • Gary Gilmore
    Gary Gilmore 4 days ago

    I want want you cut open I want to I want that Let It Go

  • Kevin Kristiansen
    Kevin Kristiansen 5 days ago

    I er sku da lidt mærkelige i 2🤦🏼‍♂️