Emily Blunt and James McAvoy Explain a Typical British Day | Vanity Fair



  • xspringrose
    xspringrose 5 hours ago

    Love Scottish men omg lol 😍

  • Elisa Blake
    Elisa Blake 10 hours ago


  • Theodore-Ben Solomon

    I feel British now after watching this.

  • xxxstubiguyxxx
    xxxstubiguyxxx yesterday

    He's Scotish?!

  • Gustavo Sadka
    Gustavo Sadka 2 days ago

    You can notice that they haven’t mentioned brushing their teeth in this “typical british day” because british people don’t do that

  • Juggernaut 01
    Juggernaut 01 2 days ago

    Wake up. Drink tea. Ask for seconds. Good day...back to sleep.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Pickled onion monster munch 🖤

  • Cal Morgan
    Cal Morgan 3 days ago

    James Mcavoy honorary brit

  • Blackporsche roadster

    They missed out working and did 'Sunday' roast dinner, so I assume they were doing a typical British Sunday. However, Countdown has never been on, on a Sunday. I can imagine a typical Emily Blunt day is a lot different to McAvoy's. She SO 'poshe.' Deliberately spelt like that.

  • MK J
    MK J 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who is just finding out that James is British?!

  • Skye Lyonheart
    Skye Lyonheart 4 days ago

    I love them!

  • trance212
    trance212 4 days ago

    Her accent is a bit American

  • adam chocho
    adam chocho 5 days ago

    Oh my god 😮they didn't mention football⚽it's in our blood🤩

  • Lewis Niedzielski
    Lewis Niedzielski 6 days ago

    How do you nearly get arrested because of a chocolate covered HobNob

  • Slow Cheetah
    Slow Cheetah 7 days ago

    Emily Blunt = Hottest+Prettiest woman in the world!

  • Tas
    Tas 8 days ago

    I’m british and I don’t bloody eat marmite on toast for breakfast. Am I a dickhead.

  • Chris Davies
    Chris Davies 8 days ago

    Why is Emily wearing a tent?

  • Bubo 25
    Bubo 25 9 days ago

    All these dummies not realising that "British" ISN'T another word for "English" is one of MANY reasons why I'm all in favour of England becoming independent! We English wont ever get a chance to vote, so come on Scots, push for another vote ASAP!

  • Ross Gal
    Ross Gal 9 days ago

    Our education system has failed. Honest question. How can you grow up in an ENGLISH speaking country and not know the Scots are also British? What has happened to our education standards?

  • kavya vr
    kavya vr 9 days ago