Emily Blunt and James McAvoy Explain a Typical British Day | Vanity Fair



  • Tin Lau
    Tin Lau 2 months ago+2036

    Typical British day:
    Vanity Fair: plays the French Anthem as the opening

  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher 6 months ago+3600

    To the people who don't know:
    Scotland is in the United Kingdom!
    We see two British actors here.
    Emily Blunt is English
    James McAvoy is Scottish

  • TheScottishGamer
    TheScottishGamer a years ago+6655

    Scrolling through the comments, it hurts my brain the fact that so many people don’t know that Scotland is in Britain and unsurprisingly they’re all American

  • Milo the Jack Russell
    Milo the Jack Russell a years ago+3845

    Their eyes are twinkling with genuine interest in telling their stories because they are Brits and they're literally talking about their childhood. I love that. 😁

  • Queen B
    Queen B 7 months ago+2162

    Jeez, can’t decide whether I’m more attracted to him or her 😂

  • burger king
    burger king 11 months ago+3002

    5:14 “it’s because ye hauf cAffeine before ye gota bed ya”

  • A.J. Caberto
    A.J. Caberto 7 months ago+1018

    If I could spend the day with James, I’d made him say words with r’s in it the entire day

  • Robert R
    Robert R 10 months ago+3113

    "A Typical 'British' Day" – Music: La Marseillaise ... That researcher needs to be sacked.

  • Claudio Maldonado Salvador
    Claudio Maldonado Salvador 2 months ago+493

    Emily's accent is so elegant and beautiful, it feels like you're listening to royalty.

  • ohohoho
    ohohoho a years ago+444

    James: "It's like we finish each other's..."
    Emily: "Sentences-"
    James: "Sandwiches!"
    Emily: painful cry ...
    Both look at each other
    Emily: cracks up

  • Sweetsunshine HKD
    Sweetsunshine HKD a years ago+756

    Yassssssssss Emily throw shade on the sun paper 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂

  • 奶油街甜點工作室Butter Street Studio

    James in his Scottish accent is pure gold ~

    SOURAJ RAHA 7 months ago+1089

    British anytime over American

  • Jenny B.
    Jenny B. 2 days ago+4

    I am desperately in love with James McAvoy... 😭❤

  • Dom Nic
    Dom Nic 1 months ago+75

    0:59 eating pure marmite? That is true x-men power beyond the dark phoenix...

  • Claire Wilson
    Claire Wilson 7 months ago+358

    That tiny pause before he said soda translated a string of thoughts that said he couldn't be bothered explaining irn bru

  • Topheye
    Topheye 9 months ago+391

    So British that the first song is the french anthem!

  • bassenherbe
    bassenherbe 6 months ago+245

    A typical British day, starting with the French national anthem... weird.

  • a mess™
    a mess™ a years ago+277

    4:05 - 4:21 -- "And that would be her Friday night."

  • darcyissues
    darcyissues 8 months ago+116

    "We can say this is a very classy paper". (mouths silently *no it is not*)