Emily Blunt and James McAvoy Explain a Typical British Day | Vanity Fair



  • Centrist Philosopher 4 months ago

    To the people who don't know:Scotland is in the United Kingdom!We see two British actors here.Emily Blunt is EnglishJames McAvoy is ScottishBOTH BRITISH

  • A P 2 days ago

    @Mendel Bach glory hunter.

  • kyuube 5 days ago

    free Scottland

  • Milo the Jack Russell 10 months ago

    Their eyes are twinkling with genuine interest in telling their stories because they are Brits and they're literally talking about their childhood. I love that. 😁

  • c j 10 days ago

    @SaintsBlasterTV right but grew up in U.K

  • Amogh Arsekar 20 days ago

    @SaintsBlasterTV So I guess Scotland is in Antarctica. Ok got it thanks 👍👍

  • Queen B 5 months ago

    Jeez, can’t decide whether I’m more attracted to him or her 😂

  • GFINHK 16 days ago

    Her. Definitely her

  • Elizabeth 25 days ago

    Both! Both is good!

  • Robert R 9 months ago

    "A Typical 'British' Day" – Music: _La Marseillaise_ ... That researcher needs to be sacked.

  • Oh no, I thought that I was the only one who noticed that.

  • less serious 14 days ago

    Part of being british is sarcasm.. Especially about brit-french relationship

  • TheScottishGamer 10 months ago

    Scrolling through the comments, it hurts my brain the fact that so many people don’t know that Scotland is in Britain and unsurprisingly they’re all American

  • Katie B 6 days ago

    Barbara Rey I guess my schools were the exception (along with many others, apparently)...and that was mid 90s 🙄

  • Katie B 6 days ago

    TheScottishGamer all of them, eh? Interesting. 🤯

  • burger king 9 months ago

    5:14 “it’s because ye hauf cAffeine before ye gota bed ya”

  • The Golden Boy 24 days ago

    *whispers* fooking idiot

  • Dien M 24 days ago

    @Anna Kharlamova uhmm...okay 🤣🤣 sorry🙏😘🤩

  • bassenherbe 4 months ago

    A typical British day, starting with the French national anthem... weird.

  • A.J. Caberto 5 months ago

    If I could spend the day with James, I’d made him say words with r’s in it the entire day

  • Pack Man 20 days ago

    Veddy veddy British

  • Big Rob 1 months ago

    I’ll make him talk like hedwig and make him finish every sentence saying etc.

  • Tin Lau 23 days ago

    Typical British day:Vanity Fair: *plays the French Anthem as the opening*

  • Edouard Tritant 7 days ago

    @TheGodEmperorofMankind well I guess I can argue with you because you are the emperor of mankind 😂 but that is too sad.... But then even they have trump as president so...

  • @Edouard Tritant Nope, its down to American stupidity. Plus we are talking about vanity fair here.

  • Emily's accent is so elegant and beautiful, it feels like you're listening to royalty.

  • Pandu Miharja 9 hours ago

    She sounds posh