Fixing a $2,200,000 BUGATTI Chiron! (Car Mechanic Simulator)

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Sailopuii Khawlhring 3 months ago

    You cn also find a monster truck

  • Andrew Crithary 2 days ago

    The fastest car in the world is the devel 16

  • Minecraft creator 2 hours ago

    That car doesn't even have a engine yet

  • Bugatti Chiron is faster and better

  • FeARleSs 799 18 hours ago

    2019 anyone??

  • Ben Zambonetti 8 months ago

    This hurts as I'm a car guy jeez

  • Minecraft creator 2 hours ago

    Me to especially when he called it a real Bugatti Veyron supersport and he didn't even think it had a gear box

  • I am a Dounut 6 months ago

    No different

  • Vlatko Zafiroski 1 months ago

    Tier of jelly videos infinity keep the good work good videos good youtube channel you're awesome

  • Rex EveryThing 11 days ago

    Jelly your the best but I think you should do more car mechanic 2018 it's my favorite one ;) give thumbs up if you agree

  • KingIsPewDiePie 2 months ago

    Jelly I want to say You that I found out you can find a batmobil in the junkyard man like your vids make more cms 18 vids

  • Landon Shepherd 2 days ago

    A chiron has a w16 not a v12

  • Katie Harper 10 days ago

    It’s actually the Bugatti Chiron