@maisto98 | Does old spice have beard products? Or soon to be making some?



  • jopomeister
    jopomeister 10 months ago+8

    Only then would it have been weird.
    This is perfectly normal.
    Perfectly normal.

  • Bruno Perina
    Bruno Perina 10 months ago+7

    We need “po po po po po power” in barbershop mode.

  • SoulSukkur
    SoulSukkur 10 months ago+3

    no, it's still weird

  • Sophisticated Sketches
    Sophisticated Sketches 10 months ago


  • Boba Vhett
    Boba Vhett 10 months ago+1

    Because this isn't weird....nah it's totally normal. I just wish other people were also a fan of starting spontaneous singing quartets with me..