4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious



  • Pesky Bee 25 days ago

    Lorenzo maybe level 2 chef but his personality is level 100

  • Casey Jones 21 hours ago

    sep b I disagree with you btw all the level twos are better than level threes

  • sep b 2 days ago

    @andrewthezeppo I disagree

  • Whylertea 2 months ago

    Level 5 Grandma: Did you make it with a lot of love?

  • Yes grandma is just mwauh

  • Grandchildren this is how you make a cookie: kill someone, get their heart then put the heart in the cookie. Bam!

  • OwO 2 months ago

    no one:absolutely no one:chef: i’m gonna smoke the butter

  • Hadassah Graham 22 hours ago

    OwO and the salt

  • Parker 3 days ago

    @Efemeris that's the point of the video dude

  • Cjrench 2 months ago

    Officer : whatcha smokingMe : Just some butter

  • Supreme Leader Snoke 18 hours ago

    Salt is cocaine

  • Galactic StarMania 12 days ago

    Dont forget the salt

  • Jason Tomschin 2 months ago

    I'm glad Emily wasn't requested for this, she would have dipped her cookie in ketchup

  • Narinder Saluja 6 days ago

    Or maybe chilli flakes cause her husband likes all things spicy!!!!

  • Zaynedine Rashid 10 days ago

    @InsaneTacoz she always adds ketchup to stuff in other episodes

  • specialmitch 1 months ago

    Amateur chefs: I'm going to add vanilla extractProfessional chef: I climbed into the rain forests of Tahiti to find my vanilla beans then cured them with the local indigenous peoples according to their ancient traditions.

  • Please, Kill me. 2 days ago

    @TheBrothergreen dude chill its just a youtube comment

  • Y A 3 days ago

    TheBrothergreen if it's stupid then y u reply

  • Rawdha Elshazly 1 months ago

    level 1: so i'm gonna microwave thislevel 2: so this is room temperaturelevel 3: so i'm gonna SmOkE iT

  • @Blobby Boi Is it "oh god it's so good, mmmm so good, mmm so good and tasty, MMMMMMMMMEeeh

  • Blobby Boi 5 days ago

    dave lawandra level 1000000000:so I. Going to use some exploding stars to get my butter nice and hot then I’m gonna let it rest within the sun and then put it on Pluto for it to rest.

  • no 2 months ago

    "sea salt is great because it has some impurity still left behind and its in the impuritys where the flavor is"*sheds a tear* nice.

  • Plat Dragons 15 days ago

    @TheBrothergreen Don't what? Eat pollution eh i eat once in a blue moon.

  • TheBrothergreen 15 days ago

    @Plat Dragons You think you don't?

  • Kyle Klodnick 17 days ago

    Level 1: Store boughtLevel 2: homemadeLevel 3: wakes up and grows the cow

  • dennis weicht yesterday

    God bless you

  • AxxHaling JuSo yesterday

    Skippy Dingle omfg I'm dieing

  • kuan lin 1 months ago

    What is your profession?I'm a food scientist.Oh. What do you do?Point awkardly at a blackboard

  • lidette711 3 days ago

    Whoa whoa whoa. Food Tech is actually one of the hardest programs I saw. It's a lot of chemistry and lab classes. When I was registering for classes when I got into university, the girl in front of me was also an incoming freshman in the Food Technology program. She showed me her class schedule, and man! She didn't have much vacant periods to rest or eat in between classes! Food tech is hard work, guys.

  • deylan 8 25 days ago

    @Mezuzah87 ahahh get told. Unlucky mr/mrs chemistry degree