Why Frogs Sometimes Fall From the Sky

  • Published on:  3/8/2018
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    It doesn't seem possible, but animal rain is definitely real, and there is an actual scientific explanation for it... probably.

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  • SciShow
    SciShow  6 months ago+62

    The first 77 viewers to sign up at brilliant.org/scishow will get 20% off their annual premium subscription AND support SciShow. Test your knowledge with Hank at https://brilliant.org/SciShowAtmospheric/

  • Kenneth Hall
    Kenneth Hall 11 days ago

    This is MY frog story:

  • Mr NoItAll
    Mr NoItAll 1 months ago

    This was first recorded in that old ancient book with all the history. Ehh oh well.. Let's listen to master science. They know what the afterlife is like.

  • MegaStalker
    MegaStalker 1 months ago

    Damn it fortnite stop sending stuff!

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 2 months ago

    well i heard its raining cats and dogs has to do with dog being god spelt backwards
    making it so god is a dog and that dog put cats and dogs on this planet by having it rain cats and dogs
    john fugelsang explain that to us back when popilol was a thing and since i was the inspiration to the joke he doesnt care if i use it when i want to
    thx for this ha bisky vid and when it rains toads you know something isnt right and that a witch turned the cats and dogs into toads

  • SWIM Smith
    SWIM Smith 3 months ago

    https://www.102tube.com/video/16aGSx9gFO4/video.html animals that can flatten out....or that seems to be a connection spiders snakes frogs and tend to widen out while falling and there wide fish bodied fish...maybe up is down so they brace for landing in the water spout so up they go because they alter there terminal velocity...and shape matters

  • holymanlogin
    holymanlogin 3 months ago

    It's raining men, hallelujah!

  • Gossamer Lights
    Gossamer Lights 3 months ago

    Magic, it's definitely magic.

  • roger Therik
    roger Therik 3 months ago

    Australia just HAD to make itself weirder
    aussie's are the worst

  • A Tr
    A Tr 3 months ago

    Wow... Thats some biblical plague sh*t

  • Bob Harvey
    Bob Harvey 3 months ago

    It rained frogs on me in 1996 in Racine county Wi. Driving on a desolate road around 9pm while raining so hard I could barely see. Then, it rained frogs. Dented up my already crappy Ford Taurus. It was one of the most sureal things I've ever been through. No one believes me. Frogs were everywhere.

  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz 4 months ago


  • Elliot Grey
    Elliot Grey 4 months ago


  • prograde
    prograde 4 months ago

    plAgUE Of frOgs!!!

  • Marc Bonfiglio
    Marc Bonfiglio 4 months ago

    I witnessed toads raining in the mid 90's along the southern coast of New Jersey.

  • Zane Plutano
    Zane Plutano 4 months ago

    Thank you! I hope I’m not to late for that second chance.. ;)

  • CrythornMadness
    CrythornMadness 5 months ago+1

    well frogs would be from ponds or marshes, and fish would need to be small, so baitfish types which shoal and stick close to the surface. both explain why only certain animals rain down, you wont find a shark falling with baitfish due to weight, and you wont find frogs (fresh water) with said baitfish (sea water)
    If a tornado hits water during sardine season, its gonna pick up alot of sardines, as they shoal at coatslines at a certain point to spawn. why is a simple explanation beyond some scientists?

  • Voldycat
    Voldycat 5 months ago

    When i was in year 4 and learning about the water cycle I remember putting my hand up and telling the class about this and the teacher didn’t believe me and when I insisted she sent me outside BUT TAKE THAT MISS SCOFIELD I WAS RIGHT

  • shadfurman
    shadfurman 5 months ago

    I think the densely clustered theory is most probably.
    How often is there a school of fish near the surface of the ocean at the moment a water spout passes?
    One or two fish are probably picked up all the time, the likelihood of anyone being around and noticing one or two fish dropping out of the sky is pretty low, and if one did, they'd probably just thing they were seeing things, or that a bird dropped it.
    Idk about frog habits, if there are ever times when they accumulate on mass. I've seen tiny frogs so thick you couldn't walk without stepping on them for probably quarter mile. Crunch, crunch, crunch. So at least some species of frogs do.

  • Deconverted Man
    Deconverted Man 5 months ago

    it once rained frogs in walnut creek, ca.