Americans & Australians Swap Snacks

  • Published on:  10/23/2018
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  • Thomas Fuller 4 months ago

    Those 2 chicks did not get along. Lol. TENSION

  • [Mist] Mystic 12 days ago

    Thomas Fuller they did!?

  • Judson Gaiden 12 days ago

    Conflict is good for ratings.

  • Boldenator 9 1 months ago

    “The bread is so soft and pillowy”*disgusted look*: snaps bread

  • Nerdy Acorn 2 months ago

    "It's so soft and pillowy!"*aggresive stare**crack*

  • Elijah Daniel 3 months ago

    Im Aussie, but the Australians are super salty in this. The only good one is the dude

  • John H 2 months ago

    How to speak Australian:Yes : nah yeah mateNo : yeah nah mateDefinitely : yeah nah for sure mateAbsolutely not: nah

  • Jasper Howse 2 days ago

    This hurts me mentally

  • nata0421 nata0421 6 months ago

    The Americans literally picked the worst snacks to give.

  • Helen Dixon yesterday

    We have half of the ones that they picked

  • Lazy Pupper 5 days ago

    I know right they always get the worst ones

  • Fantastic Fontenots 2 months ago

    Girl one: I love lunchable bread so soft and pillowyGirl two: (Snaps it hard with a crack ) really

  • Makenzie Bennett 10 days ago

    it was an added sound effect just fyi

  • Brissia Rubio 1 months ago


  • Leah Alessandrino 3 months ago

    But we have sour patch kids in Australia 😂

  • DonutBunnyHop yesterday

    But they mean the candy/sweets that are know to be Australian, not the ones that you can just buy.

  • Bradly Sheppard 10 days ago

    @Leah Alessandrino but they originated from America

  • Strawbix 26 days ago

    They sold it for $5 at school*bUt i sTiLl bOugHt iT*

  • RadFist 2nd 19 hours ago


  • Joan Lair 20 days ago

    Strawbix sold what? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mystical_Gxcha 1 months ago

    “The breads“Uhu”*cracks bread*ME:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂