Americans & Australians Swap Snacks



  • summer smith
    summer smith seconds ago

    USA USA 🇺🇸

  • Bella Pristel
    Bella Pristel 11 minutes ago+1

    Who’s from Melbourne

  • Calvin Thoo
    Calvin Thoo 24 minutes ago

    Oi why no tim tams

  • Charlie Revian
    Charlie Revian 34 minutes ago

    Everything the Americans gave we have in Australia and to get the candy u just have to go to a candy shop seriously

  • Noah’s Virus
    Noah’s Virus 35 minutes ago

    Oh no no

  • RAAR Productions
    RAAR Productions 47 minutes ago

    It is sweet 🤬

  • Jake Willow
    Jake Willow 47 minutes ago

    Tbh i didn’t really have fantales still like half decent but Idk tbh

  • C2 s2
    C2 s2 59 minutes ago

    Wait What!!! Did you call chicken JUST AN INGREDIENT!!!

  • Christian REYES
    Christian REYES 59 minutes ago

    3:24 For the girl on the left I like her energy and I would totally be her friend 💯❗️

  • Ivy O'Rourke
    Ivy O'Rourke an hour ago

    you can buy sour patch kids in australia.....

  • R Gracia
    R Gracia an hour ago

    They needed to compare things that were more similar.

  • Mr. NotSoCreative
    Mr. NotSoCreative an hour ago+1

    I’m sorry... but what state considers those good snack choices in the US? You picked the worst lunchable and did you really represent us with twizzlers??? Kit Kats and Twix are American movie candy

  • Wesley Ge
    Wesley Ge an hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • jess nikki
    jess nikki an hour ago

    Why is Ritz there to compare? We've had those in Australia for ages.

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra Hernandez an hour ago

    7:17 they were having a real competition

  • WarIBE
    WarIBE an hour ago


  • Fo- rk
    Fo- rk an hour ago

    Barbecue are the best shapes.

  • Galaxy Queen
    Galaxy Queen an hour ago

    I love Australian accents

    CRAIGS COUSIN 2 hours ago

    OH NO NO

  • Natiesha Thibeault
    Natiesha Thibeault 2 hours ago

    The smiths chips look exactly like lays chips