Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X DROP Test! Durability King?



  • L Kira
    L Kira 11 months ago+3366

    What should I buy?
    Like samsung
    Comment iphone

  • Matas Cz
    Matas Cz 11 months ago+1447

    Like samsung note 9
    Comment iphone x

  • Malayali Gamer MEDIUM MUBZZ
    Malayali Gamer MEDIUM MUBZZ 10 months ago+515

    Which is best😮? Samsung like and apple comment

  • GG. Cacteye
    GG. Cacteye 11 months ago+698

    Next time try dropping it into my hands :)

  • Kshitiz Gamer
    Kshitiz Gamer 10 months ago+967

    Samsung note 9,
    Is really fine
    Like if you agreee

  • pyro
    pyro 11 months ago+1388

    next time try dropping it to my mailbox instead ^^

  • Divyanka Singh
    Divyanka Singh 10 months ago+249

    Yall i can drop my nokia from mt everest and not a scratch

  • Slinger
    Slinger 11 months ago+335

    Named "everythingapplepro"
    I think this is a trustworthy source

  • Caner
    Caner 10 months ago+102

    Blue Note 9 looks amazing 😍

  • weird unusual guy on youtube.

    After every drop.. My heart shredded into pieces.. Bitch y'destroyed 2k dollars. I don't care how rich you are, that is some hard earned money..
    Oh well, lol

  • 盛传N e u s
    盛传N e u s 8 months ago+22

    In my opinion Samsung is better and works better than the iphone but that's my opinion.
    like if Samsung is better
    commet if iphone is better

  • jChiLi
    jChiLi 6 months ago+37

    The video could be called Samsung killed IPhone

  • Matan 4801
    Matan 4801 10 months ago+102

    I love Samsung❤😍

  • Płคყ Upłσคd
    Płคყ Upłσคd 9 months ago+72

    Like samsung galaxy note 9
    Reply iphone x

  • Pinda
    Pinda 11 months ago+676

    Who else is cringing when the phones are being dropped?

  • Phys-X
    Phys-X 11 months ago+349

    ”Both did equally well”
    bottom of iPhone screen is black

  • kuldeep Ramdas
    kuldeep Ramdas 10 months ago+27

    Note 9 good

  • Caliduchey
    Caliduchey 8 months ago+17

    iPhone died after 1 drop. The screen was busted. That counts

  • aliaa basha
    aliaa basha 10 months ago+12

    Off course both will be broken .How many time dropped in only 11 min.
    Note9 is stronger than iPhone.

    XBL GAMING 11 months ago+2652

    If you could buy one of those phones, which one would you buy?
    Like- Samsung note 9
    Reply - iphone x