• Danny Tejada
    Danny Tejada 2 years ago+707

    At least they didn't deleted the old videos

  • UniPoop 2000
    UniPoop 2000 3 months ago+98

    I’ve watched this like a million times but it never gets old, I miss roi and Alex doing videos together😪

  • Life with Emma
    Life with Emma 9 months ago+263

    January 2019? No just me ok 😪

  • Monster Eagle
    Monster Eagle a years ago+17

    HOW TO AVOID SOMEONE AKA The Last Ever Vid Together 😢😢

  • Roblox_ Pineapplez
    Roblox_ Pineapplez a years ago+117

    Here’s how the faint one worked out:
    My stalker: hi Alice!
    Me: AAAAH! pretends to faint
    My stalker: OH GOD calls for help
    Me: runs

  • It’s Louis
    It’s Louis 11 months ago+89

    It's sad that Roi and Alex have to be apart :(

  • Ozichi Uba
    Ozichi Uba 8 months ago+54

    Alex:"i said no sun bathing"
    Roi:"I'm not sunbathing I'm swimming"

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 11 months ago+112

    1:48 “did you put the battery’s?” 😂😂

  • Mohammed Almarri
    Mohammed Almarri 11 months ago+39

    AH the memories

  • Louise Womack
    Louise Womack a years ago+337

    I miss the old days... 2018!!!!

  • Viv & Cat Latona
    Viv & Cat Latona 2 months ago+23

    I miss Alex and roi together😭😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • The Half Blood Prince
    The Half Blood Prince 3 months ago+11

    1:41 me realizing I haven't been accepted into Hogwarts.

  • Lovyeon Gamer Eevs
    Lovyeon Gamer Eevs a years ago+9

    These video's are the best please MAKE MORE I LOVE THEM!!!, and i subed liked and hit the bell :3

  • Gacha butter- Hollie!
    Gacha butter- Hollie! a years ago+4

    I was watching this through my window XD I remember it

  • Lily Patch
    Lily Patch 3 years ago+212

    Imagine the neighbor's reactions XD

  • Arianna Tin
    Arianna Tin 11 months ago+10

    Roi no hate but did you use these tips to avoid Alex!? I love your new channel but when you collaborate it’s so much better and it brings back the memories. Please make a Wassabi productions 2!

  • Cat Mooney
    Cat Mooney 5 months ago+2

    Ma birthday in 5 days I'll be watching this as always (2019)

  • im mega pro and im mega fire

    LOL Alex takes roi pant that's funny

  • Lilah Anaru
    Lilah Anaru 11 months ago+4

    I love your videos there someone keep up the good work and I do you make me laugh all the time said to you not laugh very hard see you

  • Gianna Golesh
    Gianna Golesh a years ago+127

    I always come back to see these videos