Reality+ : A Sci-fi Short Film | WIRED



  • digo
    digo a years ago+145

    if this was real life half the people would have Anime, furry, and or strait up goofy avatars like a giant care bear holding a gun

  • The Fantastic Mr. K
    The Fantastic Mr. K a years ago+85

    Very interesting and trippy.. but here I am wondering why my dude had an iPhone 5 in that world 😂
    Edit: Perhaps in a world like that, iPhones are super cheap like burner phones?

  • Prince Rupert
    Prince Rupert a years ago+72

    Super predictable but very well done and a cool story. Black mirror- esque, which we honestly need more of.

  • TheBeeWaa !
    TheBeeWaa ! a years ago+39

    One question though..why was his coffee in a paper bag?? spillage much..

  • Sebastian Elytron
    Sebastian Elytron a years ago+147

    As a guy I honestly find the "real" her more attractive.

  • TheBeeWaa !
    TheBeeWaa ! a years ago+66

    I predicted that ending!! Still a cool short film though.

  • rock4you
    rock4you a years ago+19

    She's already beautiful the way she is. The question is, what if she looked like the women in the red dress sitting outside of the restroom?

  • Nahimma’s corner
    Nahimma’s corner a years ago+37

    What am I doing with my life 💀

  • nicholeoleole
    nicholeoleole a years ago+35

    This is what I imagine it's like living in LA.

  • Lee Milby
    Lee Milby a years ago+11

    Wow really well done. Even though I predicted the ending too, I like how it was handled in a way that wasn't totally cliche. That little twist was enough to throw off the narrative long enough for the reveal to really strike an emotional nerve. It actually was so touching that it brought a tear to my eye ;) The special fx were superb!!

  • Apple Smith
    Apple Smith a years ago+8

    Aww that was sweet I wasn’t expecting a happy ending

  • RoulinBrooks
    RoulinBrooks a years ago+13

    Two perfectly nice looking people need an implant to look even better. In fact, I think that the real neighbour is better looking than the Pamela Anderson simulation.

  • CheeKhiong Chan
    CheeKhiong Chan a years ago+3

    Like a French Black Mirror episode

  • jret bullion
    jret bullion a years ago+2

    I was really hesitant clicking on this video, but I'm glad I did. I'm happy that it wasn't a black mirror style ending.

  • lol322
    lol322 a years ago+1

    how does it work when taking a picture ? I'm confusion america explain

  • Damaris Giha
    Damaris Giha 3 months ago

    I saw this premiere at Tribeca Film Festival four years ago and it's stayed with me ever since! So happy to see it up on YouTube. Such a great short. Thanks for sharing.

  • David Dawn
    David Dawn a years ago+1

    @WIRED I can't watch the video in germany.Only with an USA-ip-adress.Please fix that, thx!

  • Rico Davlin
    Rico Davlin a years ago+1

    So cool, hope wired can make this more from now!

    THESE ARE WINTER BOOTS a years ago+1

    I say that ending coming as soon as soon as they showed coffee shop employee

  • chewy alba
    chewy alba 1 months ago

    Coralie Fargeat is a great director...go watch her other film called "Revenge".