Where Has Captain Marvel Been This Whole Time? [Theory Battle]

  • Published on:  8/16/2018
  • Has Captain Marvel been hiding out in the Quantum Realm, or chilling on Earth this whole time? Subscribe for more Pitch Meetings: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6Captain Marvel is the next film set to hit theaters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is heading back to the 1990’s for this one, and there are a TON of questions regarding the whereabouts of Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel. She’s definitely going to play a huge role in Avengers 4, and hopefully her solo film will give us more details on that. In the meanwhile, there are a ton of fan theories floating around about where she is. In this theory battle, we’re going head-to-head with two amazing theories about Captain Marvel and the kind of role she’s going to play in the MCU.#ScreenRant_TheoryBattleCheck out these other Theory Battles!Avengers 4 Theory Battle: Hulk VS Doctor Strangehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrm2D... Has Venom Already Been Introduced Into The MCU? Theory Battlehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4-tv...Our Social Media:https://twitter.com/screenranthttps://www.facebook.com/ScreenRanthttps://plus.google.com/+ScreenRantOur Websitehttp://screenrant.com/


  • Screen Rant
    Screen Rant  a years ago+170

    Do you think Captain Marvel has been in the Quantum Realm, on Earth, or somewhere else this whole time?

  • J M
    J M a years ago+510

    MCU producers: "How are we gonna explain Captain Marvel's absence?"
    MCU writers: "Super easy, barely an inconvenience..."

  • Oregon Basketball
    Oregon Basketball a years ago+493

    I disagree with both. I think Doctor Strange time traveled to alert Captain Marvel and Nick Fury about what was going to happen. That’s why she never showed up because that wasn’t the 1 possible timeline Doctor Strange saw. He told Nick Fury that when he saw people start to dissolve and disappear to alert Captain Marvel. That’s why when he said Motherfucker at the end it sounded directed at someone. Because Strange didn’t tell him he was going to die.

  • daniel
    daniel a years ago+139

    i like the second theory better

  • מיכאל ברעם
    מיכאל ברעם a years ago+306

    How awesome would it be if Fury is a rogue skrull? Like, a good one..

  • Lil Bean Hoops
    Lil Bean Hoops 11 months ago +30

    Why do we need a theory battle? Shouldn't these matters be best settled with a dance-off?

  • BricksandBlocks
    BricksandBlocks a years ago+59

    I think that Nick Fury will lose his eye because of Captain Marvel, as mentioned in the Winter Soldier, and so he did not want to trust her until needed because of that.

  • Phil Dog
    Phil Dog a years ago+83

    I like my explanation. Nice and simple:
    1. Her powers made her ageless.
    2. She's been in space this entire time fighting the Skrulls.
    3. Nick never called her before because both times he needed her he knew that since she was in space she would never be back in time. Her mission was also too important. Defeating an entire Empire isn't something you can take time off from.

  • Eric Perry
    Eric Perry a years ago+50

    Antman will be in Captain Marvel

  • ChaosPod
    ChaosPod a years ago+75

    What if at least some of the people who died in the snap were Skrull imposters?

  • Pat H
    Pat H a years ago+73

    I think it ll be the latter± , or perhaps a combination of the two? the skrulls could have been fighting in the quantum realm?

  • Really?
    Really? 6 days ago+3

    unfortunately endgame was literally "because the quantum realm"

  • harsha Dasari
    harsha Dasari a years ago+100

    I can't wait to see when captain marvel and thanos are throwing planets at ea ch other,lol!

  • Final Frame
    Final Frame a years ago+34

    I think theory 2 is more likely to happen and more interesting, but i do think she is in space! I think she is dealing with the skrulls in space and in that way defending earth from in space, it is also possible that she is going to team up with the skrulls because after the snap form thanos half of the skrulls will also disappear and i don’t think they will find that okay! I think it would be interesting to see a team up like that, what do you think?

  • Mike
    Mike 21 days ago+3

    Watching this video is a bad idea after watchign the movie lmao

  • wayde philpot
    wayde philpot a years ago+20

    The second theory seems more plausible but having her on earth, but not helping in previous conflicts seems odd. In Avengers 1, Tony saved NY from a nuke at the last minute and flew it into the portal. Things were pretty dire at that point.....The 2nd theory puts an unrealistic amount of faith in the heroes.....The pager itself may give clues as to whats going on with Carol. Its a piece of 90s tech. If Carol has been around since the 90s, id think she would have something newer....Another theory id have is that CM either has the Quantum Bands or she has specific powers from them. Namely intergalactic, near instant communications.

  • SuperShanko
    SuperShanko a years ago+13

    I’m going to go with Green Lantern logic here.
    There’s Earth, and there’s a million other planets. Carol isn’t like Superman where she’s a lone operative dedicated to her own schedule, but rather is apart of a larger organization of these Kree folks, like Hal will go and do her space police job as warranted.
    So what this means is that she could be on the other side of the universe saving them from their own worldwide cataclysmic event that makes Avengers, Civil War and AOU look like a slow Sunday in the office.
    Sort of like how Dr. Strange saves the Earth from stuff on a massive scale while no one realizes it, the same could be done with Carol.

  • Azona Isagba
    Azona Isagba 9 months ago+3

    I just realized Thanos is left handed

  • Elizabeth Post
    Elizabeth Post a years ago+15

    The second theory is good, but it doesn’t completely make sense. How would Nick know that Captain Marvel would survive Thanos’ snap? Isn’t there a 50% chance that’s she’d die?

  • Jethro Torczon
    Jethro Torczon 7 months ago+1

    In the true spirit of a quantum realm, both theories are correct until measured one way or the other... Schrodinger's Captain Marvel