Men's Archery Individual Gold Medal Match | Rio 2016 Replay

  • Published on:  8/21/2016
  • Bonchan Ku wins gold for Korea in the Archery Men's Individual Gold Medal Match.Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:


  • Ozmayne
    Ozmayne 4 months ago+4974

    Why am I watching this in 2019 at 2am?

  • Arkady Zelin
    Arkady Zelin 1 months ago+316

    If you think you are useless, just think about the outer rings in olympics archery.

  • Mr Penguin
    Mr Penguin 6 months ago+2448

    Theres a korean grand-master in the mountains somewhere, staring at his old radio.And he gives a small grin knowing that this random man has learnt a small portion of his vast archery skill.

  • Ben Theunissen
    Ben Theunissen a years ago+2626

    The way the second place winner stares longingly at the gold medal is heartbreaking

    SUPER SABRAE 6 months ago+2425

    All I can say is they are going to win in the hunger games

  • Beyond Intervals
    Beyond Intervals 5 months ago+1248

    He should've unleash his full power by removing the sunglasses

  • Exonick
    Exonick 1 months ago+359

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There's always an asian
    Better than you

  • Yeahmees
    Yeahmees 4 months ago+522

    i dont know anything about archery, and i dont know how i ended up here but this was actually a lot of fun to watch

  • Rushil Desai
    Rushil Desai 7 months ago+973

    ninnnne, eiiiigghhhhtt, ninnnnneeee, ninnnnneeee, eiiighhhhttt, ninnnnneeee

  • The.#1 T
    The.#1 T 1 months ago+475

    Whose here after the "why archers let their bows drop" video .

  • Clap3r
    Clap3r 2 months ago+336

    2017 =nah
    2018=not yet
    2019=yeh put it in the recommended

  • Necroform
    Necroform a years ago+822

    Koreans are legends at archery since ancient times. Jumong, Taejo, Yi Sun Shin

  • Jan Raszyński
    Jan Raszyński 1 months ago+206

    3:37-4:08 / 8:13-8:51 That commentator is really biased against Korean archer. He doesn't realise archery was the national sport in Korea before League of Legends...

  • Malay Pangtey
    Malay Pangtey 2 months ago+148

    The Australian commentator desperately wanted French to win.

  • Marcus Sextus Maxentius Augustus

    there is always a asian who will beat you on everything you do lol

  • James S
    James S 2 months ago+86

    Hawkeye wants to know your location.

  • Dimitris Tripakis
    Dimitris Tripakis 4 months ago+264

    I can never understand why they seldom (or never) show the amazing ballistic (curved) trajectory of the arrow.
    It is awesome and inspiring. This coverage is unfair to this sport. You watch this and you tihnk they shoot straight at a
    target in front of them. Neither are true.

  • Nicolas Lucien
    Nicolas Lucien 4 months ago+54

    The narrator is annoying when ku b. mini celebrating his third set..they just keep saying ku b. thinks his won gold at the third set..he did won the gold at the end lol

  • Wesley Chapman
    Wesley Chapman 5 months ago+120

    Anyone else's hands surprisingly sweaty after watching this?

  • Chris M
    Chris M 6 months ago+253

    Silver is the worst in these type of 'Gold Medal Matches' because you don't win Silver, you LOST the Gold. No glory