Rafael dos Anjos Top 5 Finishes

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
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  • David Menjivar
    David Menjivar 1 months ago+368

    RDA is an under appreciated commodity in MMA, fought The Who’s who time to time again. Hope he gets this W to begin the road back to the title.

  • Colby The King of Brazil Covington

    Ralphy Dos Nachos never takes easy fights. Respect 👊🇧🇷

  • Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson 1 months ago+236

    Nobody has faced as many top guys as RDA
    Leon Edwards, Kevin Lee, Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman, Robbie Lawler, Neil Magny, Tony Ferguson, Eddie Alvarez, Anthony Pettis, Donald Cerrone(x2), Khabib Nurmagomedov, Nate Diaz, Benson Henderson, & Jeremy Stephens

  • Ammar Khan
    Ammar Khan 1 months ago+370

    Poor cowboy always getting shat on in these compilations and free fights

  • Jamie Farts
    Jamie Farts 1 months ago+169

    What’s with that nEil MaGNy at the beginning 😂😂😂

  • Guata B
    Guata B 1 months ago+47

    RDA is one of the most improved fighters in the history of the UFC. People forget he was only a ju jitsu fighter or a grappler when he first came to the UFC and his journey to the UFC lightweight belt was not easy whatsoever. He fought for the welterweight interim belt and lost but now he's a top 5 welterweight. He has always fought the killers of the UFC. How can you not like RDA???!?!!????

  • Draco On me
    Draco On me 1 months ago+72

    RDA is a fooking LEGEND, I will take no slander.

  • Cro Cop
    Cro Cop 1 months ago+35

    Joe rogans nasally voice gets me all the time lol “Neil Magny” at 00:01

  • Denzel Crocker
    Denzel Crocker 1 months ago+56

    0:02 are we just gonna ignore the fact that this voice was hilarious?😂

  • Tchink Gaming
    Tchink Gaming 1 months ago+153

    Cant wait to see him beat edwards like i watched him beat lee in person

  • Shawn Valentino
    Shawn Valentino 1 months ago+89

    The maulings he took in usman ,colby , khabib matches have definetly increased his confidence . Getting mauled by 3 beasts for all the rounds and getting into a figjt with a striker will definetly fafour Rafael

  • DakonBlackblade2
    DakonBlackblade2 1 months ago+18

    That Sotiropolus fight (remember when he was big and undefeated) was like last century, RDA has been fighting elite oposition in the UFC for so long its insane. I remember that fight vividily, RDA was kinda suposed to loose according to the "specialists" albeit it was a hughe oportunity for him in case of a victory.

  • Steven Stinnett
    Steven Stinnett 1 months ago+40

    RDA going to put Leon back in the prelims.

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 1 months ago+40

    RDA wins by KO,Peace!!

  • Donnie Poff
    Donnie Poff 1 months ago+12

    Love Dos Anjos. It’s just weird that he looks unstoppable, then looses. I really hope he puts on a show against Edwards.

  • Rama Algifary
    Rama Algifary 1 months ago+32

    it's sad to not see dos anjos vs mcgregor

  • Ramiro Spinelli
    Ramiro Spinelli 1 months ago+5

    RDA walking backwards: mid tier fighter
    RDA marching forward: killing machine.

  • LaMont Lewis
    LaMont Lewis 1 months ago+5

    Joe “Nilmagni” Rogan

  • Doxa
    Doxa 1 months ago+6

    Joe "NEAL MAGNY" rogan (0:02)

  • Prazer RAINHA
    Prazer RAINHA 1 months ago+1

    Que Fera! Um lutador que está na sua melhor fase. Dia 20 estarei torcendo por ti... me dê sua Vitória como presente de aniversário, hein! Kk 👏👏