Matt Stonie vs 1 MASSIVE Slice of Pizza

  • Published on:  5/6/2018
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  • DMC 123
    DMC 123 9 months ago+8263

    I swear this guy looses weight when he eats

  • Alma Ognarud
    Alma Ognarud 1 months ago+2089

    We will soon learn about him in History class

  • Aiden Brunner
    Aiden Brunner 21 days ago+1196

    Wife: You can only have 1 piece to be healthy.
    Matt: hold my beer

  • Mr. Jish
    Mr. Jish 7 days ago+90

    That lonely bag of Doritos in the background thinking "One day it will be my time...but it is not this day" 🙏

  • Voidd_Bk
    Voidd_Bk 21 days ago+492

    Matt Stonie: “Today we’re eating a giant slice of pizza”
    Toilet: Goddamit

  • Aishath Haany
    Aishath Haany 1 months ago+697

    No one:
    Matt's toilet: Here we go again!😂😂

  • nadeem aslam
    nadeem aslam 2 days ago+11

    Matt’s Toilet: Awwww Shiiiit Here We Go Again

  • aribah imtenan
    aribah imtenan 7 days ago+71

    HOW EVEN IS THIS DUDE REAL?!!? double chin can't even compute!!!

  • All INONE
    All INONE 21 days ago+189

    Now someone will come and say... Anyone in 2019?? 😂😂😂

  • Ben Eichhorn
    Ben Eichhorn 4 months ago+4527

    I didn't go off my diet, Doc. I only had one slice of pizza for dinner.

  • Yuri Soriano
    Yuri Soriano 1 months ago+86

    How are u still alive
    Why ate u skinny
    How much do u poo
    Do u feel sick after eating
    Can u be satisfied by eating a normal meal

  • RBWorld Deil
    RBWorld Deil 21 days ago+211

    1989: In the future their will be fly cars
    2019: Guy eats giant pizza and gets skinnier

  • Nafisa Sadia
    Nafisa Sadia 7 days ago+49

    Matt : *eats a big pizza slice ?burger,noodles,1620 fries etc *still slim
    Me :* eating only small pizza slice *.......gained 10 kg wait

  • BrokenBot TV
    BrokenBot TV 7 days ago+24

    There are some people who can eat and not gain weight at all...

  • muP8085
    muP8085 3 months ago+2307

    Thanos: if i only kill him..there'd be enough food for everyone..

  • S A
    S A yesterday+4

    My cousin: This guy eats SO MUCH but is skinnier than my pinky finger

  • vitality carlo
    vitality carlo 5 days ago+5

    Dude on the 1st pizza I see 14 tomato ans on the 2nd pizza I see more 30 tomato
    And you put the pizza at right and you take a pizza in left

  • spooky barn
    spooky barn 7 days ago+7

    dangh how is that pizza not photoshopped it looks so good for being oven baked mmm

  • Monica Batista
    Monica Batista 3 days ago+3


  • Jona Than
    Jona Than 21 days ago+16

    Mom: i made big pizza for you and your friends
    9mins later
    Mom: where is my pizza son????