Sledding Fails! (Utah Cabin Trip)

  • Published on:  3/1/2014
  • Behind the scenes of our trip to Utah to film our "Dude vs. Wild - Arctic" video and all the stupid things we do that comes with it!New #TEEHEE app here: iPhone: Android: me on TWITTER for more useless stuff about me my FACEBOOK page if you're into that sorta stuff and here is MY SITE... for TEEHEE and LESS THAN THREE merch:http://www.higatv.comOR see some boring pics of me on INSTAGRAM! us mail or whatever you want here!PO Box 232355Las Vegas, NV 89105


  • Carter Roodman
    Carter Roodman 4 years ago+372

    Nigahiga is now better than Smosh, Nigahiga stayed funny, while Smosh sorta, lost their stuff.

  • Zelda Guy
    Zelda Guy 4 years ago+129

    you guy's shoulda done parkourse here :(

  • Pearl becet
    Pearl becet 3 years ago+265

    i am the only one who died when will fell and then it was like i believe i can fly

  • Mariah W
    Mariah W 3 years ago+414

    Oh the days of Wills short hair, how I miss you

  • Amanda T
    Amanda T 4 years ago+204

    Being from Canada, I saw them sledding down these small ass hills,and I thought to myself "They need an actual hill"
    It was also funny to see the Vegas boys snowboard

  • Nicole Irwin Hood
    Nicole Irwin Hood 3 years ago+139

    will is dashing with that haircut ♡.♡

  • Will Feinberg
    Will Feinberg 2 years ago+57

    Damn! Will looks so fresh with the short hair

  • Dan Roland
    Dan Roland 4 years ago+531

    Nigahiga is definitely my favorite YouTube star because unlike Smosh and countless others he does his videos with just him and his friends. Smosh has like professional camera crews and makeup artists with sets and green screens but nigahiga is just him and his friends making videos together. Stuff you go on YouTube to see.

  • Dan Isham
    Dan Isham 3 years ago+67

    how i wonder what real snow feels like

  • Abbie Cairel
    Abbie Cairel 3 years ago+26

    I have the biggest crush on Will. Will is bae

  • Ashley Ravarra
    Ashley Ravarra 3 years ago+6

    I keep repeating what happened to will!!! At 7:10

  • Deadheadd
    Deadheadd 3 years ago+121

    to think this was 2 years ago...

  • Victoria Stromberg
    Victoria Stromberg 5 years ago+127

    you're telling me you went all the way to Utah so you could make a video? I love you lol

  • nyabits - chan
    nyabits - chan 2 years ago+15

    Here are my ships...
    Will and Greg
    Ryan and Sean

  • myth sord
    myth sord 4 years ago+103

    THE BABY WILL COME (like if u understand)

  • falloutcaitlyn
    falloutcaitlyn 4 years ago+10

    You jinxed it "beginning of horror moive" its why you saw the baby hand

  • Vivi N
    Vivi N 3 years ago+16

    watching this, all i can think of is: i want friends like that...

  • waitingfor2020
    waitingfor2020 5 years ago+30

    The guy behind the camera (sorry idk everybody's names) going "OOH!" every time someone did something cool just made it like 1000 times funnier.

  • Caitlin Nuncio
    Caitlin Nuncio 3 years ago+4

    Wish I had friends like y'all 😪

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 years ago+29

    Whoever is reading this is beautiful and I hope you have the best day ever🙂