The Best 23 FEMALE Head Kick KO's of all time!

  • Published on:  8/12/2019
  • Female HEAD KICK knockouts - Top 23 of all time plus 5 bonuses at the end - memorable female head-kicks! This is a largest collection of the female head kick knockouts ever made! We have female head-kicks from 5 different combat sports: MMA, Muay Thai, Kick-boxing, Karate and Taekwondo. Sabina Mazo, Holy Holm, Brook Mayo and many others - this is best of best!

    Video content:
    0:00 Intro
    0:41 Top 23 Female HEAD KICK knockouts
    13:02 Bonus Memorable Female Headkicks
    14:27 The End Credits

    Special thanks to out official commentator Daniel Dizdar!
    Music by Kkev Music Production - Heroica: