70th Emmy Awards: Rachel Brosnahan Wins For Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Rachel Brosnahan Wins For Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her performance in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


  • Isaac Alonzo
    Isaac Alonzo 11 months ago+432

    From a mere recurring role in the first season of House of Cards to an Emmy few years later, how awesome!
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  • Lucas Pires
    Lucas Pires 11 months ago+542

    So deserved. She is the bright of the show.

  • climbinguphill
    climbinguphill 11 months ago+358

    She is truly truly spectacular in this amazing show. Please go watch it!

  • Luu Sapphire
    Luu Sapphire 11 months ago+233

    Rachel Brosnahan is a tremendous talent, and she steals the show constantly in Mrs. Maisel. Well deserved!

  • satrsmndri
    satrsmndri 11 months ago+56

    Worst presenters of the night. Tried so hard to be funny and then butchered Rachel's name. Really?

  • Shop Market
    Shop Market 11 months ago+200

    I love that show, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." It is what I call a Quality Show. And, Rachel Brosnahan truly deserves the award. I remember her on "House of Cards." She can act, and that's a fact. Congratulations goes out to Rachel! I will be very happy when they post Season 2 to Amazon Prime.

  • Sofia FP
    Sofia FP 11 months ago+239

    omgg look at angela bassett HOW????

  • RoulinBrooks
    RoulinBrooks 8 months ago+46

    Those two presenters were completely unprepared. They weren't coached on how to pronounce the names? Or that you're not supposed to hand the winner the freaking envelope? Wow--nice going.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 8 months ago+65

    Her performances in the show are written so spontaneously and they're so amazing that you just BELIEVE she could do a stand-up bit at the Emmys and get away with it! Almost thought she would do one when she said "crast."

  • Max Wang
    Max Wang 11 months ago+253

    I expected anybody who wins this award this year to say something like 'thank you Julia Louis-Dreyfus for not competing this year and I wish you a speedy recovery'

  • peaceoglory
    peaceoglory 8 months ago+30

    Why was everyone so weird? All of the faces shown had such a grimace of disappointment or something. And Angela butchering her name was also disrespectful, not to talk about Tiffany's "joke" or prank or whatever the hell that was. Rachel fully deserved this award.

  • theblueranger
    theblueranger 11 months ago+153

    God, that intro was cringey.
    AND YASSS, MIDGE. She deserves it 100%.

  • me123
    me123 11 months ago+66

    So thoroughly deserved. It's a super challenging role and she pulls it off flawlessly and with such charm.

  • Maritza Parra
    Maritza Parra 11 months ago+109

    So exciting, I love Rachel and the show 😍

  • G FK
    G FK 11 months ago+88

    She is absolutely phenomenal!

  • RickeGnool
    RickeGnool 11 months ago+63

    Before the awards I was like: ”As long as Rachel win best comedy actress I will be happy”.
    This plus that the Americans finally got some recognition made me really happy with the show overall.

  • Cláudia Cassoma
    Cláudia Cassoma 11 months ago+44

    First of many... she so deserves it!

  • Elaine Ferry
    Elaine Ferry 11 months ago+47

    You go girl! Using your time to encourage voting is THE BEST USE OF THE AIR TIME!

  • S C
    S C 11 months ago+19

    Rachel's aunt, Kate Spade, the handbag mogul, died this year to suicide. This must be bitter sweet.

  • slanis
    slanis 11 months ago+48

    I could look at Angela all day long.... such a gorgeous human being!