• Published on:  9/17/2018
  • We’re back for round 2! We are so excited to share our second collection with Dose of Colors. Check out Desi’s video of us getting ready using the collection here: ✷Follow Me:Instagram: @KatySnapchat: Lusterlux (not lustrelux!)Twitter: @lustrelux*Follow Desi: Instagram:*Follow Dose of Colors: Instagram: DATES09.24.18 - HTTP://WWW.DOSEOFCOLORS.COM09.30.18 - ALL ULTA STORES & ONLINE FRIENDCATION PALETTE - $55 A Moment Dirty Money Necessary Cheens Basic Try Me Just a KissGirl Bye Churro Game OverLIPGLOSS - $17 Over the TopThe Most VELVET MATTE - $18 My Main A Mauve Story MATTE LIPSTICK - $16 Hey GirlAftermath HIGHLIGHTERS - $28 Fuego Chasing the Sun


  • Melise Clisby 9 months ago

    Girl, I only used over the top on the rare occasion because I was so scared of running out of my favourite gloss. Now you bring it back?! I could’ve had the thottiest lips around on SOOOO many more outings damn it! I’m not mad tho, I’ll be buying 5 thankyousomuch.

  • MelissaLorenzoMakeup 9 months ago

    I was gonna get Kylie X Jordyn palette but guess what?! I’m not anymore. Desi X Katy take my money mijas 🤩😍😂

  • MakeupByJoxlyn 9 months ago

    Girl this is me exactly!! I just hope I can get it because I do have to work on Monday. But the bomb part is I can also get it from Ulta and collect those points!

  • Yulissa Stevens 9 months ago


  • Betsalie Borges 9 months ago

    Desiiii is always stunning but I seriously couldn’t stop looking at Katy the whole video... that makeup hair lips ... girl you’re stunning in this vid

  • Raass Ey 8 months ago

    Are you guys buying the collection?

  • JJ Cole 8 months ago

    Betsalie Borges she’s ALWAYS stunning not just in this video.!

  • Krysteloka 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Desi n Katy just look like J.Lo and Eva Longoria? I need every single piece of that collection, can’t wait to spend my money on it🤣 Love u mucho chicas! 😍😘❤️

  • Abby Gerlach 8 months ago

    She's literally J.Lo's twin!!

  • Noelle Irina 8 months ago

    I can see the Eva Longoria, but definitely not Jennifer

  • M. K. 9 months ago

    game over is named after my bank account when I buy this whole collection 😍😍😍

  • xxmichyd 9 months ago


  • Leddy FM 9 months ago

    Same 🙋🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😩😂

  • Nicole Montana 9 months ago

    You two should start your own makeup line together. I would buy everything 😂

  • Shanae Santoriello 9 months ago

    Those swatches are like porn to me

  • TheHonestBeautyReview 9 months ago

    I'm so excited to see a green shimmer in the palette. Green shadows are so overdue for a comeback!

  • JC Murray 9 months ago

    Why does the thumbnail look like you guys are elegantly screwing

  • Maggie Kirkpatrick 8 months ago

    JC Murray L M A O

  • Gianina451 9 months ago


  • Maati Sll 9 months ago

    I once saw BEYONCE wearing FUEGO highlighter so I bought FUEGO highlighter

  • hazeleyes1617 8 months ago

    @brianna tyrone That's what I'm trying to figure out.

  • Maati Sll 9 months ago

    you are very welcome beauty