Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album | 2019 GRAMMYs Acceptance Speech



  • Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs  6 months ago+1835

    Cardi B Wins Best Rap Album For 'Invasion Of Privacy' | 2019 GRAMMYs :

  • Incurable
    Incurable 6 months ago+9141

    That’s a high accomplishment, from a stripper to winning a Grammy🤑

  • Yohana Agnes
    Yohana Agnes 4 months ago+2550

    Offset chewing gum while cardi nervous is a mood.

  • Cweisman27
    Cweisman27 4 months ago+2251

    RIP Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle

  • Tinuke Williams
    Tinuke Williams 2 months ago+835

    When the camera showed Nipsey and Lauren together.... Rip Nipsey

  • michael jenkins
    michael jenkins 4 months ago+1807

    R.I.P Nipsey🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️ showed nothing but love and support

  • MaCeo Millions
    MaCeo Millions 6 months ago+2831

    Nicki somewhere punching the air so hard right now lol

  • Lovely Cesaire
    Lovely Cesaire 4 months ago+841

    I cried when I saw Nipsey. Oh God give us strength cause it's hard.

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 4 months ago+859

    Mac Miller and now Nipsey Hussle are gone.

  • Alexander Casian
    Alexander Casian 4 months ago+258

    Mac Miller and Nipsey are dead now. What’s going on.

  • Nevaeh
    Nevaeh 4 months ago+385

    I peeped Nipsey and started crying RIP TO A LEGEND😔💙

  • noeskittles
    noeskittles 6 months ago+3859

    Nobody in the comments is talking about how real her reaction was. She was probably thinking about how she was a stripper and now she’s standing in front of an audience winning a Grammy!

  • rabid heartbeats
    rabid heartbeats 2 months ago+375

    Multiple #1's and a Grammy? That's very difficult to get.
    Not everyone has both to their credit.
    Or just one for that matter.

  • christina henry
    christina henry 1 months ago+116

    awww she couldn’t even breathe 🥰 she was happy to get that award ❤️

  • Eleanor Gebrou
    Eleanor Gebrou 4 months ago+413

    Ugh, this is so morbid, but from 2:39- 2:41 Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London are in the frame looking comfortable and close, visibly touched by Cardi's speech. I kept re-watching it and thinking; if they only knew Nipsey would pass in the few weeks, if they only knew this is would be their last Grammy show together. We lost a lion today, Nipsey will be so tremendously missed. Rest in Power Ermias Asghedom <3

  • Praamie Khadka
    Praamie Khadka 2 months ago+299

    She is so positive as she always speak her heart and never show off. Hats off to her very influencing confident attitude. I love you Cardi B😍

  • Sienna Eliza
    Sienna Eliza 4 months ago+48

    “ maybe I should start smoking weed”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brandon Salazar
    Brandon Salazar 4 months ago+204

    Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle
    You will be missed 😭

  • Gaga Martinezz
    Gaga Martinezz 2 months ago+152

    From a stripper to a grammy winner, I luv you mama bardi😘😘

  • Lata Ganesh
    Lata Ganesh 3 months ago+128

    She's behaves natural..She awesome person.... Beauty