4 High-Fiber Vegetarian Meals • Tasty

  • Published on:  5/19/2019
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  • Beddy Tear 1 months ago

    Starting with the spices to quiet down the seasoning police. I see you Tasty.

  • green grasshopper 1 months ago

    The 1st three dishes are tasty and so much Indian!!! Inspired from India!! I had it on my trip to India. The 1st chick pea salad is similar to a very old Indian recipe. It's called 'Chana Chaat' in India which is extremely tasty. Of course the real punch is missing here coz there are various other ingredients to this dish. The 2nd one is called Chana Alu masala gravy. This is the milder version of it. You need not put both boiled chick peas and boiled peas in the same gravy. It can be either chic...

  • Mansi 1 months ago

    I think you are from India, stop pretending you just made a trip to India.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣it’s ok you can praise Indian food anyway, no one will judge u.

  • Diyaa Rayat 1 months ago

    D+ for effort tho. I love it when someone calls out tasty. Good job

  • zainab fathima 1 months ago

    Who selects their songs? I'm so annoyed by this one!

  • Moon Kitty 1 months ago

    I love vegetarian food ideas and recipes. I'm a vegetarian and it's so much easier to make delicious meals if you're able to watch all of these awesome videos!! 👍 thanks for making so many vegetarian and vegan recipes, I really enjoy them!! ^ ∆ ^

  • Cait Hulsman 1 months ago

    Me too!! ❤️

  • Moon Kitty 1 months ago

    Rachel ama's videos are super helpful! Thanks to telling me about her 😁

  • Sun Shine 1 months ago

    each recipe looks like Indian recipe❤

  • Aishwarya Singh 1 months ago

    @Dizzy Manizzy Pakistan itself is from India so....

  • Aishwarya Singh 1 months ago

    @Nevermore and Totillas are just Mexican Rotis lol. Mexican and Indian food is v similar.

  • Jamila Attarwala 1 months ago

    The first one was chole and the second one was aalo ki sabzi

  • Megha Singhania 1 months ago

    And rajma also!!

  • Megha Singhania 1 months ago

    And rajma was also in there!!

  • Katerina Iordanous 1 months ago

    There recipes look tasty and will definitely be trying them but I had to mute the video in order to watch it because that music was triggering my anxiety. It was almost like two different stressy musics going off simultaneously and it was freaking me out.

  • Dishita kolhekar 1 months ago

    Atleast mention ‘Inspired by indian dishes’ in the description 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Penn Penn 1 months ago

    Dishita kolhekar how are they inspired by Indian dishes?

  • cheatday everyday 1 months ago

    Those’ll keep ya regular fo sho