Toy Story Scenes Recreated in Gang Beasts

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
  • Sorry for Reupload had to fix something.Part two for Movie Scenes is coming just thought i'd post this :)


  • Syybogee Gaming
    Syybogee Gaming 7 months ago+48

    Omg yes another vid I love LEGO bawse

  • kermit the angry frog
    kermit the angry frog 7 months ago+52

    gasp MY SHIP
    goes inside vent

  • Mr. DefaultHD
    Mr. DefaultHD 7 months ago+47

    10/10 movie, would watch again, 4K resolution

  • JustcallmeLegion
    JustcallmeLegion 7 months ago+29

    Why does this fit so perfectly XD

  • Blu and Glaceon
    Blu and Glaceon 7 months ago+10

    My Ship!!!! runs into a air vent

  • Eossa
    Eossa 7 months ago+33

    "-And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere-"
    * "H E L L O ~ ?" *
    * "AAAHHH" *
    (I love that part XD)

  • Stefano Lum
    Stefano Lum 7 months ago+24

    Sadly my poem had not made it here,it was worthy to share with a peer.
    Even though that had happened,
    I still enjoy the video it could be shown out in the open.
    This might be inferior to the last poem,
    But I’m glad to show ‘em

  • HAWKGames
    HAWKGames 7 months ago+23

    Amazing, I loved toy story growing up

  • Joaquinh252 09
    Joaquinh252 09 7 months ago+80

    Buzz losing his helmet as he falls is perfect

  • Felipe_the_Turd
    Felipe_the_Turd 7 months ago+62

    As a very huge Toy a Story fan, I can say that this was perfect 😂

  • TheMasterGamer 2K18
    TheMasterGamer 2K18 7 months ago+51

    Better than the movie itself. Lol 😂

  • [OGA] Sat Boi Roy
    [OGA] Sat Boi Roy 7 months ago+52

    You won’t pin this bet 20000$
    Btw can we get a with fans love be stream at 60k please?
    I’m kidding

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer 7 months ago+10

    Bruh 1:28 I was crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ·Kai· ·WildCraft·
    ·Kai· ·WildCraft· 7 months ago+17

    Hi I luv your vids!!

  • Mariobullets
    Mariobullets 7 months ago+7

    Hahahah almost peed my pants!!

  • Jet // Games And Broadcasts

    This was really spot on and funny. I love the ending after you guys were done

  • Amix Gurl
    Amix Gurl 1 months ago+5

    buzz: OH NO MY SHIP STAR COMMAND STAR COMMAND DO YOU hear me? I guess I landed in 827372 this is weird
    Woody: HELLOOOO
    Buzz: AAA shoots lazer
    Woody WOAH WOAH
    This is the funniest0 part

  • Big Homie quan
    Big Homie quan 7 months ago+4

    This vid is awesome keep up the great work fam!

  • Amix Gurl
    Amix Gurl 1 months ago+4

    I’m woody this is Andy’s room Raises arms
    BEST MOVIE what’s even wrong with woody now xD
    woody fails backflip
    Rip woody

  • AMysteryToSoicety
    AMysteryToSoicety 7 months ago+4

    Hey man your content is so funny :D