HEAT vs WARRIORS | Thrilling Finish In Oracle! | February 10, 2019



  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 6 months ago+101

    The game was good but that finish was as expected. Sadly this is how I watch most of my NBA games now. Through NBA highlights on YouTube and other social media.

  • MIROE 19
    MIROE 19 6 months ago+66

    80% of this game was a three point contest

  • daone billygunnz
    daone billygunnz 6 months ago+40

    Last possession should of gave it to Richardson still had the hot hands

  • Edward Avanesov
    Edward Avanesov 6 months ago+81

    As a heat fan this hurts so much lol

  • Gravyman
    Gravyman 6 months ago+21

    That block and fastbreak Wade made off Durant is vintage Wade. Always had a knack for making a sneaky clutch play at the end of the game.

  • Hall of Fame
    Hall of Fame 6 months ago+31

    This game was 🔥

  • Jason Peng
    Jason Peng 6 months ago+101

    KD double dribbled. and there were like 50 other noncalls for both teams. so quit whining, if the refs called everything who knows maybe GS woulda been ahead by 10, or maybe heat woulda been ahead by 10. that one call didn't determine the game.

  • James Irving#11
    James Irving#11 6 months ago+18

    Wade was showing out today🔥

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez 6 months ago+13

    I’m a Dwayne wade fan lol but I wish they would have given him the ball in the last seconds I mean it is his last season or so everyone says lol

  • David Houghton
    David Houghton 6 months ago+7

    Heat have blown so many games this year. Wade balled out tho. Ya love to see it!

  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 6 months ago+41

    Wade was vintage in this game. #Sweet16Wade

  • Daniel Contreras
    Daniel Contreras 6 months ago+13

    Richardson balled out. Sheesh 🔥

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown 6 months ago+13

    Good game. Best firepower in NBA history, 🤔🤔🤔🤔Goldon State Warriors

  • S Shin
    S Shin 6 months ago+3

    Omg dwades ability to block a taller players jumper is just nuts. Hes been doing it since his rookie season. Most underrated defensive player in history.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 months ago+7

    That was an awesome game 🔥

  • Will ALLEN
    Will ALLEN 6 months ago +2

    Nobody can guard KD Nobody!🤔

  • Lil ToothPaste
    Lil ToothPaste 6 months ago+2

    Durant clearly double dribbled. Slow it down and you’ll see. I can’t believe they didn’t catch that

  • Chambers Heros
    Chambers Heros 6 months ago+3

    No doubt, heat is way more competent to win championship this year n in shape too

  • DWADE’s Retirement Home

    I’m a heat fan, but I’m not disappointed in the L. Also, who else noticed the KD double dribble!

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