Declan Shalvey Explains Wolverine's New Costume | This Week In Marvel

  • Published on:  8/21/2018
  • You've never seen Wolverine like this...literally. Artist Declan Shalvey joins This Week In Marvel to talk to hosts Ryan Penagos, a.k.a. Agent M, and Jamie Frevele, to talk about his inspirations behind his fresh rendering of Logan in the upcoming RETURN OF WOLVERINE limited series.
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  • Diego Camacho
    Diego Camacho 3 months ago

    Ok, but couldn't he have found something cooler?

  • Hulk Smash!
    Hulk Smash! 4 months ago

    Hey I know lets take all the good characters in Marvel comics and destroy them, bring them back and make them worse than ever. That should destroy comics entirely.

  • B R
    B R 4 months ago+1

    I don`t like the new costume.

  • Nabir MD
    Nabir MD 4 months ago

    is he confirmed for Avengers 4???

  • Dan DeVivo
    Dan DeVivo 4 months ago+1

    Did he find his costume at a Denny's

  • pixel hams37
    pixel hams37 4 months ago+2

    This sucks

  • DSkehan2004
    DSkehan2004 4 months ago+2

    I don't know about the new costume

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane 4 months ago+1

    Ugly costume this guy is destroying wolverines image booooo

  • Blade Wilson
    Blade Wilson 4 months ago+4

    Why do the people at Marvel love everything that they're doing even if the fans hate it? Like the comics, cartoons, TV shows, videos games, and movies. Marvel loves everything they have out even if we really hate it such as this new wolverine costume.

  • Damon Santori
    Damon Santori 4 months ago

    Looks like ass trash.. whata dumb and ridiculous looking outfit..

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 4 months ago+6

    So he went to the kitchen on the ship and took a chef uniform?

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford 4 months ago+3

    I'm digging this new design for wolverine.

  • DORMEO noapte buna
    DORMEO noapte buna 4 months ago+1

    Pls make a movie with profesor xavier and judgernaut origins

  • Chris Ingram
    Chris Ingram 4 months ago+1


  • Schadrac Abaki
    Schadrac Abaki 4 months ago+4

    Professor X- Adam J. Harrington
    Magneto- JR Bourne
    Cyclops- Nick Robinson
    Vulcan- Chris Brochu
    Jean Grey- Elle Fanning
    Rogue- Chloe Moretz
    Iceman- Graham Rogers
    Storm- Pearl Thusi
    Kitty Pryde- Sofia Black-D’Elia
    Havok-Joel Courtney
    Angel- Logan Lerman
    Emma Frost-...
    Joey Pollari
    Joey could get to the size needed to be Wolverine, if Marvel plans to ride out the X-Men for a while he would be a good choice for a long term franchise
    Shawn Roberts
    Older but closer to Wolverine’s look and physique. Played in the first X-Men movie as the guy Rogue put into a coma
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    Played Quicksilver in Age of Ultron but if Marvel does a big reality change at the end of Avengers 4…

  • pasyanti Gadepalli
    pasyanti Gadepalli 4 months ago+3

    Marvel is Boss

  • Jorge Playz
    Jorge Playz 4 months ago+1


  • marvelnoirfan665
    marvelnoirfan665 4 months ago+2

    Still waiting for the captain marvel teaser and more news on spider geddon

  • Gung Gong
    Gung Gong 4 months ago+2

    *why don't stay on the yellow costume!!! it's badass!!!*

  • Superhero Action TV
    Superhero Action TV 4 months ago+1

    I like his idea for the costume - Wolverine being "rough of sour", but the actual costume doesn't look rough. It looks too refined.