Top 5 Best Romance Movies Of all time + Trailers

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • OffTopic X
    OffTopic X 9 months ago+1652

    funny how the first one had the actor who played karen from mean girls and then the second one had the one who played regina george

  • Rachel Dannheisser
    Rachel Dannheisser 9 months ago+1640

    Why on this beautiful planet was 'A Walk To Remember' not on this list? ❤️

  • BlessedandHappy
    BlessedandHappy 4 months ago+423

    Great romance movies to watch (Not in order):
    - Me before you
    - Love, Rosie
    - One day
    - The fault in our Stars
    - A walk to remember
    - Dear John
    - Remember Me
    - P.S I Love You
    - The Vow
    - The Notebook
    - Blue Valentine
    - Midnight Sun
    - If Only
    -Never let me go
    - 500 days of summer

  • Shanku
    Shanku 8 months ago+1266

    Channing Tatum....always the best romantic hero.....

  • Brooklyn Smith
    Brooklyn Smith 1 months ago+218

    Why do I love romance movies so much... they only make me feel ugly and alone

  • Hitesh Raj
    Hitesh Raj yesterday

    Why i miss someone when ever i watch romcoms ... Yet i haven't loved any one

  • Mia Wallace
    Mia Wallace 9 months ago+419

    Its funny how the most romantic movies have the sadist endings😢

  • Aja Almonte
    Aja Almonte 6 months ago+420

    Rachel Mcadams, queen of romance movies 😂
    - The Notebook
    - The Vow
    - Time Traveler's Wife
    - About Time

  • anniek
    anniek 8 months ago+843

    Me before you is great as well

  • Leendow Dlamz
    Leendow Dlamz 8 months ago+490

    Nicholas sparks never dissspoints

  • Julie Hinojosa
    Julie Hinojosa 3 days ago+1

    Some good rom-coms on Netflix is Set it Up, Ibiza: love drunk , When We First Met And Always be my maybe

    GLOSH DIY 8 months ago+214

    1.Dear John is damn emotional!i haven’t cried that hard watching a movie like i did when watching Dear John.
    2.A walk to remember!

  • Viv Zzz
    Viv Zzz 8 months ago+349

    These romantic movies broke my heart.

  • rhoda torio
    rhoda torio 8 months ago+413

    Dear John is my favorite.

  • Julie Hinojosa
    Julie Hinojosa 3 days ago+1

    My favorite romance movies are The Notebook, La La Land, Crazy Rich Asians, Me Before You & The Longest Ride. I definitely recommend!

  • Sara Mcbride
    Sara Mcbride 8 months ago+96

    All time? Nope. You need to see some classics. Love Story (1970), Splendor in the Grass (1961), Sabrina.... Breakfast at Tiffany's....Before Sunrise..... and so many more. I admit The Notebook should make the 'All Time' list, but definitely not the rest.

  • Anshumali Singh
    Anshumali Singh 8 months ago+605

    Dude be serious u haven't watched the great romantic movies.
    P.S I Love You.
    If Only.
    A Walk To Remember.
    First 50 dates.

  • Ama Diamond
    Ama Diamond 9 months ago+201

    The actors that play Karen (Amanda Seyfried) and Regina (Rachel McAdams) both acted in mean girls and acted with Channing Tatum

  • Jay
    Jay 5 months ago+12

    God I just watched the notebook and I’ve never cried so much in my entire life 😭

  • T dsl
    T dsl 6 months ago+8

    Interesting and non-cliché picks. Thanks for the list. Seems like they really like Rachel and Channing together...