Kevin Durant Exposes Chris Paul's Overrated Defense - 2014 NBA WCSF

  • Published on:  1/2/2017
  • One of the biggest myths that Chris Paul apologists love to perpetuate is the notion that he supposedly "locked down" Kevin Durant for stretches in the 2014 WCSF. Video footage easily refutes this fabrication, just as it has always destroyed the farcical notion that Chris Paul is an "elite" defender.

    The only extended stretch where CP3 guarded Durant was the 4th quarter of Game 4, and Durant still had 5 of his 10 points in the quarter on Paul's weak defense. Chris Paul fanboys and the media grossly over-exaggerated his 2 or 3 plays of defensive success in Game 4, and glossed over the numerous times Durant scored on him or drew a foul. There were also a couple of non-shooting fouls that Chris Paul committed against Durant, according to play-by-play, but they were not available on video footage.

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    Article by Sports Illustrated
    "Clippers' defense against Kevin Durant highlights fleeting nature of matchup ploys"


    "Chris Paul defended Kevin Durant down the stretch of Game 4 but rarely in Game 5."

    "Then, with Game 5, the story went mute... it was almost entirely absent from the game. Paul defended Durant for all of a few unremarkable possessions and never for any extended stretch."

    "Rivers stayed true to his claim that the matchup had been born of desperation, a situational measure to address specific circumstances."

    Again, the only instance where CP3 guarded Durant for an extended stretch was the 4th quarter of Game 4, where Durant still had 5 of his 10 points of the quarter against Paul's weak defense.

    2014 WCSF
    Westbrook - 28-6-9 on 49% and 50/57 FTs (88%)
    Chris Paul - 23-4-12 on 51% and 18/24 FTs (75%)

    Westbrook scored way more and way more efficiently as he went to the line more than twice as much, shooting almost 90%. Paul also choked away the eventually deciding game 5 with his 2 clutch turnovers including on the game winning attempt.

    He fouled Westbrook on his 3pter, so Russell made 3 FTs to take the lead. Westbrook outplayed him in the clutch of the eventually deciding game, further cementing that Westbrook outplayed him for the series. Paul's inferior individual play to Westbrook, and choking in Game 5, led to OKC winning the series