VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

  • Published on:  2/9/2019
  • #velvetbuzzsaw#endingexplained#netflixEnter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the horror comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it appears that newly discovered pieces of art of connected or possibly responsible for an increasing string of mysterious murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this hilarious and gruesome satire leaves us with many questions in the end. Learn all about the film's true meaning, the strange killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open ending.Subscribe! ►► FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► ►► ►► ►► MAIL:FoundFlix6009 W Parker Rd Suite 149-174Plano TX 75093


  • I remember back when I was part of the first 140k subscribers for this channel. I would love to congratulate him on coming so far with his content.

  • Brandon Sutton 15 hours ago

    This should have gotten heart/recognized half a year ago

  • Mike D 13 days ago

    I remember when we could get a nice apparment, nice wheels, for a bartenders wage.

  • Veronika Alcoba 5 months ago

    I just found it so funny Coco witnessed almost all the deaths :L She was so fed up by the end 😂

  • OreoVII 18 days ago

    @1bluehammock I believe you believe you are wittier observant than you are. I do not believe you are actually witty or observant. I believe you probably do acid and smoke tons of pot, and have an overinflated opinion of your own imagination. You literally have not referenced a single activity in this film to backup your wild assumption of CoCo being related to the deceased artist.

  • As a cat owner I can confirmed that you should never follow a cat.

  • Shy Owl 28 days ago

    Ram Kitten true, evil incarnate

  • ul3sses 2 months ago

    well... the cat fellows me

  • Maya Carmel 5 months ago

    Actually u made a mistake.. Rodora got rid of all art pieces in her home as she realizes that having art around is that which will lead to her death. The only piece of art she couldn’t get rid of or forgot about was her tattoo which eventually kills her ❤️

  • i love how sweetly this was put.

  • cynthia lebron 5 months ago

    That's what i thought too. Art is everywhere like the graffiti on the wall that kills Josephine. Tattoos is art and getting rid of the painting s was useless

  • Imogen S 2 months ago

    Honestly the only 3 things I liked about this film:1. Jakey 2. John Malkovich3. The way Morf being bisexual(?) isn't made a big deal in his character development

  • VOIZ CRACK 25 days ago

    4. Coco

  • RED 2 months ago

    Yes I agree! It was done well, with respect and tact, not shoved in our faces to the point his entire identity became it.

  • Flint Locke 5 months ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he could play the main character in the game "We Happy Few".

  • Omlet Man 5 months ago

    We not talking about how the gas station was called Humble

  • EggosAndMonsters 1 months ago

    Omlet Man Frick, I never noticed that before. Good catch man!

  • HelenaLOVES Winter 2 months ago

    Sit down, lil' b*tch, be humble

  • Christian Newaye 4 months ago

    “Once I built a railroad” , It’s a direct reference to the old song about our workers during the great depression being completely thrown away by society after working to build all the buildings roads and grill ways not to mention fighting in the first world war just in an instant being cast away by society

  • Snazzy Jovial Wyrm 20 days ago

    @Mr.X Not twice as much work, but is twice as depressing.

  • Mr.X 25 days ago

    Should have said “Once I fucked your mom.” Implies twice as much work and is just as depressing

  • Frankie Warman 1 months ago

    I feel like Jake's death was the only one that shouldn't of happened.Like, he was the only one that tried to right the wrongs and tried to do what was right. Like damn.

  • Elle Fifificii 22 hours ago

    Phillip Hill also you meant beat me TO d*ath, not too. Thats my non-existent degree owning your dumb ass

  • Elle Fifificii an hour ago

    Phillip Hill well gosh in reflective view I think you’ll see that wasn’t very pretty honey. You don’t need a degree to spell their, is that what you think people learn to get a degree? I think if you used a reflective view (?) you’d see how that came across as pretty dumb

  • Lorenzo Gibbs 5 months ago

    Every time I hear "dees" I still say "nuts" in my head

  • halo99yo 4 days ago


  • TheBayzent 4 days ago

    I hear it together in a Cydoril Imperial Guard's voice...