bored // billie eilish lyrics

  • Published on:  4/6/2017
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  • Aima Ibrahim
    Aima Ibrahim a years ago+4776

    plot twist she wrote this song when she was bored

  • lils
    lils a years ago+3331

    When you're at school

  • Emilie Etoiles
    Emilie Etoiles a years ago+2489

    A boy sent me this song, I wonder if he's trying to tell me something..

  • Kroi Potato
    Kroi Potato 8 months ago+3248

    Hostage: Let me Just hold you hostage
    Ocean eyes: I’m Scared
    Bored:I just want you to let me free
    Bored:I’m not afraid anymore

  • Video Bear
    Video Bear 9 months ago+3280

    Its kinda like a conversation or text between two different people:
    "Im not afraid anymore"
    "What makes you sure"
    "You're all i need"
    "Forget about it"

  • icecreatures
    icecreatures 2 years ago+2850

    I like how the lyrics sometimes vanish abruptly to the music. It's very pleasant to look at

  • Mona -
    Mona - a years ago+1442

    I'm not afraid anymore...
    What makes you sure..
    You are all I need?

  • Kpop Sprinkles
    Kpop Sprinkles 4 months ago+470

    I hope whoever dislikes this steps on a lego😂

  • Lynn BG
    Lynn BG a years ago+755

    Omg she's just 16😭💜💜💜

  • sinlez
    sinlez a years ago+1200

    sends to Bf
    bf-Are you trying to say something?

  • guci intan
    guci intan a years ago+287

    This song is underrated😥 ilovebillie

  • Kaylee Vianne
    Kaylee Vianne 2 years ago+603

    I listened to this song so many times I lost count

  • 1-800-LOVE-U
    1-800-LOVE-U  2 years ago+3151

    my past 3 videos have all been billie eilish oops :p

  • sky
    sky 2 years ago+384

    I literally just typed in bored and this perfection popped up on my screen and I clicked it and I am pretty sure it I listened to i on repeat like 10 times! lmao .... Well I found my new favorite channel!!!!!!

  • G lm
    G lm 2 years ago+1401

    Surprised I found this masterpiece on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, many indie songs there as well that are great too.

  • BlUe
    BlUe a years ago+255

    I relate to this song so much.

  • Maria Grande
    Maria Grande a years ago+418

    a e s t h e t i c

  • jorge stone
    jorge stone 2 years ago+239

    this is the song you play on a rainy day outside or just putting your headphones on while longboarding at night or just crying with this song with your candles on 👀❤✝

  • Sing For me
    Sing For me 7 months ago+71

    Billie helps me get through a lot
    But seriously tho she has put a giant impact in my life and helps me get through a lot of problems