College Kids React to #InvisiblePrank Challenge Compilation

  • Published on:  9/14/2018
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  • FBE
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  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy 10 months ago+2253

    imagine someone actually got naked thinking no one can see them

  • RabY0
    RabY0 10 months ago+1653

    People don't realize how imaginative children are. They are CHILDREN. Of course they are gullible.

  • Emma Catlover
    Emma Catlover 10 months ago+1501

    I’m an Arab so let me translate why the grandpa was hitting them.
    He was saying “I SWEAR THAT IM HERE I SWEAR” and he was hitting them cause he was terrified and he doesn’t like that he is invisible 😂
    But the next morning he will laugh about it trust me 😂😂😂

  • ChimChim_ney
    ChimChim_ney 10 months ago+807

    Memes are international?? Did she really think that memes exist only in the US?

  • Mad Chris
    Mad Chris 10 months ago+598

    6:44 this guy doesn’t have a sense of humor

  • AMER
    AMER 11 months ago+858

    btw the arab dad said before he slap the first one "in the name of god i exist"
    thats made it funnier 😂😂😂😂

  • Maraya Champion
    Maraya Champion 10 months ago+383

    wait how did they actually make the first guy disappear?!?!?

  • ღAzmalie Stylxღ
    ღAzmalie Stylxღ 10 months ago+571

    "tHaTs a sUpeRpoWeR bRo, yOu'Re aN X mAn nOw"

  • Agus Chiribao
    Agus Chiribao 11 months ago+250

    Everybody wants to be invisible but no ones wants to disappear

  • Magnolia Starr
    Magnolia Starr 10 months ago+340

    “I just think it’s concerning they think it’s so real”
    Dude...they’re like eight years old

  • ThiaMoon
    ThiaMoon 10 months ago+195

    "It's so obviously not real" Uh they are children let them have an imagination and believe in Santa goshdarnit!

  • Blazen Ava
    Blazen Ava 10 months ago+283

    My dad did the invisible prank
    ...we still can’t find him .

  • Hansquirrel_
    Hansquirrel_ 10 months ago+234

    The old man was like “ bish I’m here can you feel that “

  • SirDevo
    SirDevo 10 months ago+552

    Who else clicked because of David Dobrik?

  • EvangelineGrace
    EvangelineGrace 10 months ago+203

    "Why are you sad that you're invisible? That's a super power, bro! Your an Xman now!" 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Milton
    Andrew Milton 10 months ago+227

    Guy: *takes sheet off of me*
    Crowd: *acts surprised*
    Me: *takes off everything on my body and runs off*

  • DisneyJane04
    DisneyJane04 10 months ago+145

    I did this to my cousin and she started beating up her brother

  • Marcus Martinez
    Marcus Martinez 11 months ago+102

    I guess I’ve been apart of this prank for a long time. I’ve been invisible for most of my middle school years

  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser 10 months ago+132

    One Arab does it..
    This is spreading to so many cultures OMG