• Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Pro Week 9 months ago

    Looking at norman's lips made me lick mine.

  • Dilan 18 days ago


  • Owais Ahmed 20 days ago


  • LilGloob 9 months ago

    This is Ali A👱‍♂️👕👖He has 700 health. 1 like does 1 damage

  • Andrew Alexander a months ago

    That's the point dick head

  • ExPo RiZe 9 months ago

    Cory we love you and we will always be here for you and me and probably others and you yourself know she’s in a good place(Cory’s Aunt)🙏🏾Love you Cory Ma Samurai Master❤️❤️❤️You are my inspiration(not sayin this just cause,this is all true)

  • Maki Holmes 2 months ago

    Cory is a super great guy😯😃🤣😂😎😀

  • Gabriel Emanuel 3 months ago

    That demon just got bodied

  • XMizz_Shadow X 9 months ago

    Peter: “I’m not going anywhere promise...”Me: “Then Wtf happened in infinity War Huh peter? Why are you telling these lies....;-;” Peter: “.........”

  • Mauvii 4 months ago

    @Jordan Nicholson um this is an entirely different spiderman, with a different story. the spiderman in this game is 24 yrs old.

  • Jordan Nicholson 5 months ago

    @Jamel Gallagher do you mean before? Because Spider-Man cannot come back to life. (At least not without the time stone) :/

  • Jayden Sutton 8 months ago

    Make more videos about spider man

  • ʚᴋɪᴋʏᴏɞ 9 months ago

    *Hello my samurai brotha and sista’s Cory twitter has been updated saying he thanks everyone for there support and patience while he was gone. He said he will post tomorrow but pleasee don’t get mad if he does not...getting over a love one is hard and I know some of you may know that’s all for now and pray Cory is better and see if he posts again.*

  • Carnage 9 months ago

    Roses are red..Violets are blue..Spider-man was black..And you never knew.

  • Justin Kai 23 days ago

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  • Justin Kai 23 days ago

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  • KiraiSZN 9 months ago

    RiP Auntie Kenshin! 😥

  • Steven 9 months ago

    For everyone who is wondering where Cory is, he was currently taking a break because of his aunts passing. He will come back on Thursday.

  • Yes i am Ugly 9 months ago

    You deserve 7 more mil subs