I DID SOMETHING CRAZY (i adopted a cat....)

  • Published on:  8/11/2019
  • i made him an instagram. its @declanchamberlain. go follow for beauty shots of him. he's quite photogenic, you wont wanna miss it.... lol....✩ MY PODCAST ✩✭ listen on SPOTIFY: https://bit.ly/StupidGeniusShow✭ listen on APPLE PODCASTS: https://bit.ly/StupidGeniusPod✭ or just search "Stupid Genius" on spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts...✭ podcast merch NOW AVAILABLE: https://shopemmachamberlain.com/produ...✩ MERCH ✩✭ https://shopemmachamberlain.com✩ MY SOCIAL MEDIA ✩✭ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_emmachambe...✭ twitter: https://twitter.com/emmachamberlain✭ snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/emmachambie✭ spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/emmachambie I LUV U,-emma chamberlain


  • Madison Stewart
    Madison Stewart 7 days ago+25323

    Like this so she can see it 😊

  • Kaitlin Lawson
    Kaitlin Lawson 4 days ago+825

    You should probably close the toilet seat because kittens have been known to drown in the toilet when they try to drink out of them.

  • spicywatermelonzzz
    spicywatermelonzzz 2 days ago+70

    Omg Emma don't leave toilet seats up while you have him. He might drown.

  • Defne Colakoglu
    Defne Colakoglu 4 days ago+436

    Emma, you need to remove the little bell from his collar. Cats' ears are very sensitive and a bell constantly ringing near them will eventually drive them nuts. And remember to ventilate your room often because that litter box will make your room smell horrible. Love you! Edit: The bell may or may not disturb your cat. You can leave it on him for a few weeks to see if it bothers him. If not, feel free to not remove the bell!

  • Annie Jonda
    Annie Jonda 5 days ago+558

    Hannah and Summer: cancelled
    Emma: Yo I got a cat bro

  • Ashley Higby
    Ashley Higby 7 days ago+11299

    You should not have his food where his litter box is!! It causes problems because the strong scent of the litter box deters them from eating. Please like so she can see this!!

  • Claire Greco
    Claire Greco yesterday+7

    Ok but Decklin(idk how to spell it)?? Of all names. Fettuccine was better.

  • Malaya Canchela
    Malaya Canchela 2 days ago+11

    1:27 I like how Emma just explained herself while describing a cat. She found her spirit animal!

  • Gracye Neel
    Gracye Neel 4 days ago+429

    Emma: “wadya think”
    Cat: “?😶😬😪😑” goes back in bag
    Emma: “ok😬”
    I DIEDDD😂😂😂

  • Yazmin Rico
    Yazmin Rico 5 days ago+507

    Ginger is a cute name.
    After watching video: I just his name is Declan now.

  • Seher A
    Seher A 7 days ago+15221

    Please don't put the litter box beside her food and water
    Like this so she can see!!

  • SpaceMochi 15
    SpaceMochi 15 yesterday+4

    He will probably like the toys that involve you playing with him like stick with string and feather

  • Amanda Kay
    Amanda Kay 4 days ago+179

    Wow, you actual recognized that a dog requires attention and training. Good for you. So many people just get one anyway.

  • Nika Karska
    Nika Karska 4 days ago+90

    Dont put food near liter box!
    That’s gross!
    And also bell in the collar is annoying for a cat, imagine having something on your neck that’s making noise all the time..

  • Maya L0283
    Maya L0283 yesterday+3

    you should name him Phil after philz coffee shop xD or jasper idk they just sounded good in my head
    like this so Emma can it!!

  • Chilli :]
    Chilli :] 7 days ago+2285

    Here’s some tips:
    -don’t put his litter next to his food, they don’t like it and it’s bad for them
    -get a huge tall scratch post (maybe 2) otherwise he will scratch up your house
    -you should probably remove the lid from the litter box as most cats don’t like that
    -because of they size of your apartment you should probably buy another litter box
    -make sure to play with him everyday to get his energy out
    -close they toilet lid as he could jump in
    -kittens need to be feed 3 times a day at the correct portion size
    -put his litter box in a private-ish area
    Hope this helps 😁
    So happy you got a cat
    Edit: Kittens need to be fed 3 times a day but cats only require to be fed 2 times a day

  • Ella Feliu
    Ella Feliu 7 hours ago+1

    Hey!! So I’m allergic to cats as well and I take this pill called zertec and it works miracles!!!! I totally suggest it!!!!

  • Danielle Lucas
    Danielle Lucas 2 days ago+7

    Be careful with him around your plants because they can get very very sick from eating them!

  • Sabrina Greco
    Sabrina Greco 19 hours ago+1

    Name him tiamo pronounced ti aHmoH meaning “ti amo” - I love you in English. 🇮🇹 (Italian)

  • Annika Gunnard
    Annika Gunnard yesterday+7

    Heres a trick: move the food and water in different parts of the room if he isn't drinking his water! back when cats werent domestic, they wouldnt drink from a river right next to where they killed their prey because it might be contaminated because of the blood!!!!! Please like so she sees this!!!!