[Playlist] BTS Ballad Songs - For studying, relaxing and sleeping

  • Published on:  10/7/2018
  • Best of BTS song. I hope you like it
    Love Yourself! Peace!


  • Hải Anh Đặng
    Hải Anh Đặng  16 days ago+22

    Sorry everyone because the last 4 songs have no sound due to Bighit's copyright. If you like BTS solo ballad songs, this playlist will be a good choice: https://www.102tube.com/video/fYTFPRx9mZE/video.html you for watching!

  • Bouchra Bouchra
    Bouchra Bouchra 8 hours ago

    I love you bts❤👍

  • DeepFriedLemonWedges
    DeepFriedLemonWedges 13 hours ago


  • 전소연
    전소연 20 hours ago

    한국인은 없나...?한국 아미 어딨어요

  • SugaJams
    SugaJams yesterday

    what the hell is up with the cc lmao

  • 뚁반
    뚁반 yesterday


  • kitty jolie
    kitty jolie 2 days ago+3


  • kitty jolie
    kitty jolie 2 days ago+2

    Epiphany in first ? It's Perfect.

  • bts my love v
    bts my love v 2 days ago

    I LOVE Bts

  • Judith Vasquez
    Judith Vasquez 2 days ago

    I love jimin and i love bts.❤❤❤

  • Judith Vasquez
    Judith Vasquez 2 days ago

    I cant study i keep singing.😍😍😍

  • Nhu y Pham
    Nhu y Pham 2 days ago

    songs 2019

  • Kpop lover ARMY
    Kpop lover ARMY 3 days ago+1

    Love this playlist
    Totally recommend 👍😁😍

  • Kylie.S. 101
    Kylie.S. 101 3 days ago+2

    They look SOOO CUTE in their prep.

  • Betty
    Betty 4 days ago+5

    My fav songs in BTS are generally ballad songs.I realised it :)

  • slvr tboe
    slvr tboe 4 days ago+14

    God thankful that I'm Korean and I live in korea:) if I was an international army-I would never be able to understand what bts is saying right away and I'll never be able to listen to the diction of jhope, RM, Suga...so thankful that I'm Korean

  • Isabelle Lam
    Isabelle Lam 5 days ago+4

    put on cc subtitles

  • daff92 montesino
    daff92 montesino 5 days ago

    y asi sigue hasta 1:12:14

  • daff92 montesino
    daff92 montesino 5 days ago

    soy yo o en 1:08:04 se corta spring day?

  • Iman Fatihah
    Iman Fatihah 5 days ago

    this really help me sleep :) thank you