That One Time at Summer Camp... | Hannah Stocking

  • Published on:  8/18/2018
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  • Elanine Hunter
    Elanine Hunter a years ago+661


  • Chloe Barrett-Leafe
    Chloe Barrett-Leafe 8 months ago+303

    0:33 there was someone in an orange top on a tree
    I’m a like my own comment cause nobody else will
    Also Hannah’s foot is in a boot in this vid

  • Isla I
    Isla I 9 months ago+394

    5:22 onwards do u see that the girl in yellow and guy in purple are holding hands

  • OkayDxffy 101
    OkayDxffy 101 5 months ago+87

    6:06 When you get banned from your computer but then your parents let you play on it..

  • L2B1arewhales Marley
    L2B1arewhales Marley 10 months ago+113

    0:34 there is an animal climbing the tree
    Edit-Never mind it a human

  • Polina Slobodianyk
    Polina Slobodianyk 2 months ago+28

    1:15 literally what I would do😂😂😂

  • Royale_high. Angel
    Royale_high. Angel 5 months ago+49

    6:07 I can't stop replaying it XD

  • Popcorn Girl101
    Popcorn Girl101 6 months ago+280

    4:31 is me when i see my crush
    3:32 when I run from my crush

  • Leah Clark
    Leah Clark 10 months ago+209

    6:06 I'm dead 😂😂😂 love u Hannah u are so funny

  • Røsęs X
    Røsęs X 10 months ago+261

    1:53 awww how cute😍💕 His voice though❤️🔥

  • Mrs Yoongi
    Mrs Yoongi 3 months ago+29

    My dad:your not going outside ok! Period! me....runs to the door
    Dad:gets out belt 5:46

  • unicornlovers1278
    unicornlovers1278 6 months ago+24

    the guy on the yellow team's face at 0:04 is classic

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 2 months ago+24

    The curse Is Broken Killed Meh Ima Red Lollipop Help Hannah

  • Elena morales
    Elena morales 11 months ago+271

    0:35 did any one see the guy in the background climbing the tree

  • Sea Shadow
    Sea Shadow  2 months ago+12

    Me: I have a curse, my crush never even looks at me...
    Crush: Looks at me and waves
    Me: 6:06

  • Breezy-licious
    Breezy-licious 2 months ago+10

    Did anyone else realize that Hannah has a broken foot or sprinting girl I don’t know

  • •SỮnNy CΔt•
    •SỮnNy CΔt• 2 months ago+8

    0:35 Someone is climbing a tree in the backround

  • chantelle Tuohy
    chantelle Tuohy 6 months ago+9

    Omg ... I love you 💕 Hannah

  • Fortnitedude
    Fortnitedude 4 months ago+4

    He called his mom and said he won when they haven’t even started 😂😂

  • Ari Tales
    Ari Tales 7 days ago+2

    Me: makes joke in head about the woods-person winning
    Woods-person: wins
    i can tell the future.