The Coming of Galactus | Marvel TL;DR

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Galactus has worked up an appetite, and this time, it’s Earth on the menu! It’s The Coming of Galactus, so the Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, and even the Watcher have to get in on the action this week on Marvel TL;DR!► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Videocookies
    Videocookies 11 months ago+2827

    As a freelancer myself, the last part made me laugh AND cry at the same time. Thanks Marvel!

  • Lone Cowboy
    Lone Cowboy 11 months ago+1763

    You talk about nuts? I just married the most beautiful woman in the world and I spend all my time in my lab instead of with her. I'm nothing but nuts!

  • Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Sasuke 11 months ago+1987

    I immediately knew it was cartoon hooligans, they're animations are awesome.

  • NeonPlays
    NeonPlays 3 months ago+467

    Did anyone else get recommended this thinking it was marvel introducing Galactus to the MCU

  • MartianCreeper
    MartianCreeper 11 months ago+532

    1:11 what is the ben 10 Omnitrix logo doing there LMAO

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 3 months ago+628

    The cuming of galactus
    That'd be a mess

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 11 months ago+243

    Haha. Jokes on you Surfer my life has no value.

  • Draw 5
    Draw 5 6 months ago+13

    If Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up, they'd be alloys!
    Kill me

  • Sebastian 9001
    Sebastian 9001 11 months ago+99

    1:10 on top of the machine is ben 10

  • sparky 357
    sparky 357 11 months ago+2325

    2:32 to 2:40. That's the most logical thing he has said since we saw them get married

  • Matthew Christeson
    Matthew Christeson 3 months ago+29

    "No jobs. Freelance! Best thing in the world for a kid your age!"

  • klarenz cobie
    klarenz cobie 2 months ago+9

    Silver Surfer: Oh that's fine...
    Galactus: Im also going to decrease your salary

  • Enchilordo
    Enchilordo 11 months ago+11

    “Nuts? You wanna talk about nuts?!”
    points at wife
    Me: OwO

  • Intellectual Canine
    Intellectual Canine 11 months ago+12

    Marvel: Infinity Wars is the most ambitious crossover in history
    TL;DR: *Calls Cartoon Hooligans*

  • Who3v3r
    Who3v3r 10 months ago+19

    1:11 Omnitrix symbol on top??

  • Chris Harrop
    Chris Harrop  11 months ago+17

    Everything after 2:22 is just too funny😂😂😂

  • Liam Fosdike
    Liam Fosdike 3 months ago+7

    2:03 Wait Human Life has VALUE!

  • Ismail Amiri
    Ismail Amiri 3 months ago+16

    Silver surfer is insanely strong, in the comics he took hulks powers away because he got angry,

  • SmileProUniverse
    SmileProUniverse 11 months ago+3522

    MCU Fantastic Four Confirmed...
    This is better than Fantastic Four 2007😂

  • John Paul Bayliss
    John Paul Bayliss 9 months ago+6

    1:32 did anyone notice the omni trix symbol on the up-portion of the screen?