Yaariyan - EP 16 Teaser - 19th July 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

  • Published on:  7/19/2019
  • Yaariyan - EP 16 Teaser - 19th July 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMASSadia and Zobia are sisters raised with strict family values by their father Hamid. Sadia is married to Ahmar but her rukhsati is on hold while the family waits for her uncle’s return from America. Zobia on the other hand is having an affair with Umair. When she invites Umair to Sadia’s birthday to introduce him to her family, Sadia does not approve of the rich and spoilt Umair. As the meeting between Umair and both sisters is taking place – Hamid and Ahmer along with his family arrives at the party to surprise Sadia on her birthday. Ahmer misreads the situation completely and assumes that it is actually his wife who is interested in Umair. In a fit of rage Ahmar divorces Sadia on the spot and leaves her.Dejected and helpless Sadia will now have to build a new life in the face of adversity, her father’s pressure and her sister’s opposition. In this story of abandonment, hatred and revenge - will Sadia and Zobia ever reconcile, will they get the men they wanted in their lives or will their fates be decided by the harshness of time and chance.• Written by: Sameena Aijaz• Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain• Produced by: Erum Binte Shahid• Production House: DramayBaaz EntertainmentCast and Character Details:• Junaid Khan as Ahmer• Ayeza Khan as Zobia• Momal Sheikh as Sadia• Muneeb Butt as Umair• Mehmood Aslam as Hamid Baig• Hina Bayat as Aliya (Umair's Mother)• Shagufta Ejaz as Zeenat (Zobia & Sadia’s Mother)• Shaista Jabeen as Abida - Ahmer's Mother• Maryam Nafees as SumbulFor More Videos Subscribe – https://www.youtube.com/harpalgeo#Yaariyan#HARPALGEO


  • Kamran Rajput
    Kamran Rajput 28 days ago+786

    Frnds Meri tarha kon kon sadia ko support krta??😍

  • Sadaf Khan
    Sadaf Khan 28 days ago+244

    Ye zobi or umair apni ghatiya harkat se baaz nahi aane wale

  • Miss Butterfly
    Miss Butterfly 28 days ago+128

    Bus thori kahani agay bharhao kuch acha dekhao sadia ki zindagi Mai..... Kiya rulaey he jarahay ho bechari ko☹️☹️

  • Babli Goyal
    Babli Goyal 28 days ago+367

    DNA test karlo omer😆😅😂🤣😭

  • music and fun
    music and fun 28 days ago+168

    Sadia Bhri Muskhiloon se lar rahi hai Bhi hi muskhil m zindagi guzaar rahi hai💔 Allah Pak Sab K Naseeb Ache Kare Ameen💖💖💖💖

  • Mahum
    Mahum 28 days ago+185

    It’s about time the tables turn and we see Sadia smile again.

  • Zahid Zeb
    Zahid Zeb 28 days ago+262

    Please next week double episode share kar de please wait nhi hota😓😓😔

  • Muneeha Hassan
    Muneeha Hassan 28 days ago+437

    Stadia character is very courageous as she is fighting with many difficulties

  • Rajnikant Sachania
    Rajnikant Sachania 28 days ago+42

    Drama Mai bas Sadia ko achi dikhai or Baki sab ko villan zubi,umair, amair,Sadia k papa,saas ko bhi nai choda...yaar ye sab bhi to halat k mare Thai jis time Jo situation thi wese rhe.... overload ho Raha hai aab..drama ka name sirf 'Sadia hi masum hai' ye rakhna tha.itna bhi negative Kyu dikh rahe ho....
    Wese muhje umair or zubi ki jodi bahut psd hai koi Chand rakh drame see😊😊😊😊😊

  • Entertainment 786
    Entertainment 786 28 days ago+234

    Pathetic drama! The writer had probably forgotten we are living in 21st century and there is something called dna test. Secondly I said it pathetic because they showed umair drinking occasionally but drink ker k ap wakti tor per apny hawas kho bathty but ap ki yaadasht nahi chali jati k ap ko yeh he nå yaad rehy k yeh bacha ap ka hai ya nahi

    FATOOM TIPS 28 days ago+56

    سعدیہ کاباپ کس کس کو زھر لگتا ہے ؟؟؟😁😁👍👍👍
    دوستوں میں ایک ہاوس وائف ہوں ساتھ صحت کے متعلق اپنا چینل چلاتی ہوں۔ پلیز مجھے سپورٹ کریں 😭 میری ڈی پی پر کلک کرکے میرا چینل کھولیں۔

  • Marwa Super Creation
    Marwa Super Creation 28 days ago+6

    Allah ap sub ki Naik hajat pori kry ameen please yr aik guzarish krni the ma bohat mehnat sy ap sub k liya videos banati please aik bar dakh lo achi lgy to {subscribe} b kr lena

  • ArmY KhaN
    ArmY KhaN 28 days ago+18

    ♡کائنات میں بہترین جوڑے وہ ہیں،
    جو ایک دوسرے کو ایمان کی طرف لائیں اور ایک دوسرے کیلیے جنت میں جانے کا سبب بنیں۔💞

  • KULSUM Farheen
    KULSUM Farheen 28 days ago+60

    Please it's a request
    Double episode upload kijiye

  • Ayaz Jumbo
    Ayaz Jumbo 28 days ago+35

    Kis kis ko basabri sa intzar ha next episode ka..... mujha tu bhot ha.....

  • Reen Khan
    Reen Khan 28 days ago+41

    Bechari Sadia😞😞😞fazol main saaza kaat rahi hai😞

  • Kid's Anabia Show
    Kid's Anabia Show 28 days ago+4

    Muje nhi lagta abi Zobi k father ko ye Raaz pata chale ga...

  • Ahmed Raheel
    Ahmed Raheel 28 days ago+21

    Hope to see sadia's good time soon.kind and courgious girl,😚😍✌👍

  • Saboor Sofi
    Saboor Sofi 28 days ago+5

    Share this as much as possible..
    It's our duty as a Muslim..
    Please don't ignore😣😣
    The newspapers, we use to clean glass or wrap food or to sit on and the INVITATION Cards so 0n..Be careful!
    It has sometimes the verses of quran,names of Allah and names of Nabi paak(SAW)
    So please be careful when handling them or recycling them and the shopkeepers and vendors too mishandle..say it to them too
    Share as much as possible!!
    Do say it to your parents too..
    SHARE IT.pls if u see a newsppr pick it
    Share in both languages
    دونوں زبان مے شئر کرے

  • Huma Shabbir Randhawa
    Huma Shabbir Randhawa 21 days ago+6

    We had just watch aiza in positivr and innocent characters...actually aiza khan's acting is good and she is playing with her character with her best...aiza rocks👍