70th Emmy Awards: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Wins For Outstanding Variety Talk Series

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Last Week Tonight With John Oliver wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Talk Series.


  • Ro G 10 months ago

    It's a shame he didn't use his platform to raise awareness of the tragic Koala Clymydia epidemic.

  • leah m 1 months ago

    or windmill cancer

  • Riot Breaker 10 months ago

    Or donate to the last blockbuster

  • Tianwei Gu 10 months ago

    Academy of John Stewart

  • Cory L. O'Hanlon 10 months ago

    Well played.

  • Aykin Cakaloz 10 months ago

    Seriously, almost all of these shows are a direct branching off of what Jon Stewart created. It is amazing how much impact he had on the future of TV political comedy

  • Huh? Talk about this year's diverse nominees! They even nominated a parrot. And it won! Kudos John!

  • 27 2915 8 months ago

    Zazu ftw!

  • justin regalado 10 months ago

    Toucans! such bird racism!

  • Sunil Prajapati 10 months ago

    You were supposed to bring a show this week, not be in the Emmy

  • Gateaux Q 10 months ago

    Fucking British Milhouse does it again

  • Ayanee 10 months ago

    @Matthew i love the show but last month tonight is accurate af 😂

  • AD AM 10 months ago

    Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver. DAMN THE DAILY SHOW PRODUCED GREAT TALENTS.EDIT: There I edited it, i hope you're happy

  • JB Tiamson 3 months ago

    Now add Hasan Minhaj aka "The last correspondent hired under Jon Stewart".

  • Andrew Olson 10 months ago


  • Messofanego 10 months ago

    The research John Oliver's team does outweighs the other shows, Sam Bee's show comes close. Well deserved!

  • Ádám Arany 9 months ago

    https://www.102tube.com/video/PUU4DwOkFPM/video.html this is the link to my favourite song. it's sooo great, isn't it?

  • Brianne P 9 months ago

    @Ádám Arany I was done, like three times I was finished. I'm not going to have a conversation on someone's comment.

  • Ainun Nazieb 10 months ago

    Last Week Tonight is the Game of Thrones of late night show..

  • Akash Kumar 20 days ago

    Well I hope they don't do a season 8 then

  • Viktor Tsvetanov 29 days ago

    I want you to take your words back! GoT was the greatest disappointing of the last 13.7 billion years

  • Joon Yi 10 months ago

    4 of the 7 nominees were John Stewart proteges. Their shows are all similar in a way but John Oliver's show really goes deep into the issues

  • Wong Jinhong 5 months ago

    It's Jon Stewart my friend. Alphabet matters

  • noon 10 months ago

    Soggy Ramen That doesnt really matter though, doesnt it? Saying that Americans suck(thats not what I am saying) doesnt necessarily mean the country he/she is from rocks. I think the commenter was condescending as hell, but I dont see a “of course, my country has far superior shows” in the comment.

  • Rahma Hagoog 10 months ago

    am a fan of every single nominee but well deserved JonhPS: just glad that Jimmy Fallon wasn't nominated!

  • Lisa A Johnson 10 months ago

    S. Lee-I take it back, you are HILARIOUS....hilariously stupid. YOUR the one disagreeing AND inciting....so shut the fuck up.

  • S. Lee 10 months ago

    @Lisa A Johnson First, you're not disagreeing, you're inciting. Second, if this is what you actually believe, that women aren't capable of humour, and that women should be slaves (including you), then yes, ma'am, you do need help. Because you are not in touch with objective realtity. Your so-called "opinion" is morally and objectively wrong and you LOVE the fact that this oppositional belief that you hold bothers the world. You feel prpud of yourself for some sick reason. And since this sexis...

  • lilia na 10 months ago

    awww Trevor was genuinely happy for Oliver

  • moonlily1 2 months ago

    Samantha didn't look as though she was.

  • Michael 10 months ago

    And the next one should go to him