The 10 Most Redneck Cities In South Carolina Explained.



  • Unknown prodigy803
    Unknown prodigy803 2 years ago+137

    born and raised in thing he did get right about sc is all those damn dollar generals lol

  • jim marshall
    jim marshall 2 years ago+39

    Dude you won't find many gamecock hats in Easley. It is about 15 or so miles from clemson, SC so the orange tiger paw is the redneck choice of fashion in easley.

  • ka333ren
    ka333ren 2 years ago+58

    lol "ab-vill". It's pronounced like "abbie-ville"

  • matthew bell
    matthew bell a years ago+23

    Whoever made this video is an idiot. I used to live in Simsponville and know people in some of the others mentioned. There are literally 10000+ square foot estates on multiple acre lots there. It seems every town has trailer parks in the country but you seem to equate a majority of white residents as being redneck. I guess the other video will be how the towns with mostly minorities are the most crime-ridden towns with lots of unemployment since you like to stereotype. Shame on you.

  • eric246
    eric246 2 years ago+47

    Greer is home to the only BMW factory in NORTH AMERICA!!

  • Bassman Dan
    Bassman Dan 2 years ago+9

    I could use some Mike's BBQ right about now

  • Leo Gunter
    Leo Gunter 2 years ago+7

    major fail at ~1:04. The beer cans around the guy who is face down are Zywiec brand. A beer from Poland that's a little pricey here in the states and hardly ever found in SC except in specialty markets. Definitely not a 'red neck' libation.

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris 2 years ago+38

    Any York SC folks here. Or at least heard of it😂

  • KryptonicMatter
    KryptonicMatter 2 years ago+6

    Spartanburg is a nice place.

  • Lionel Kennedy
    Lionel Kennedy a years ago+4

    I love SC! Born and raised.

  • The American Storyteller
    The American Storyteller a years ago+14

    How come none of the places he names (except Darlington) are in the Midlands or Lowcountry? Has he ever been to Goose Creek or St. Stephen in Berkeley County?

  • Black Knight Of Gwyn
    Black Knight Of Gwyn 2 years ago+53

    This man obviously has never been to South Carolina it is nothing like this

  • skinniks 10
    skinniks 10 a years ago+4

    You missed Aynor in south carolina.

  • Joshua Turner
    Joshua Turner 2 years ago+8

    where did you get your info? i live in laurens it is pretty gangster we had a redneck shop. and Simpsonville is a rich upper class city. then... greenwood and Anderson... lets just say its very ghetto in both of them. you hit the nail on the head with Seneca. i think its the only one you got right

  • lala land
    lala land 3 years ago+3

    I live in south Carolina and there's a dollar general right next to a bank I go to

  • ivan zarate
    ivan zarate 2 years ago+4

    ur mic is redneck

  • Evangelist Baptist John Worley

    What about cowpens.

  • Palmetto Paintball
    Palmetto Paintball a years ago+4

    I live in South Carolina. And he missed Kershaw. I was raised there. A hell of a redneck place

  • jwfilms97
    jwfilms97 2 years ago+2

    Glad you atleast mentioned Pumpkintown as the corner lol, all it is is a store

  • AllenBrittYT YT
    AllenBrittYT YT 14 days ago+1

    Yee Yee I stay in Darlington South Carolina RHEC Skins