$30,000.00 Camera

  • Published on:  3/9/2018
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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  6 months ago+681

    Who's ready for summer? MEEEE!!!!

  • Justin Van de Geuchte

    he's even got the L version tie down straps

  • Carlos de Luna
    Carlos de Luna 29 days ago

    Hey man how do you make the letterbox move? FCPX user here :P

  • Craig Freemantle
    Craig Freemantle 1 months ago

    Gotta get you one of these! https://gadgetography.store/products/handheld-mobile-video-gimbal MMM! Buttery video is just around the corner.

  • Will Gordge
    Will Gordge 1 months ago

    house tour please

  • Jennifer Miles
    Jennifer Miles 1 months ago

    what drone does peter use?

  • Peter Vitale
    Peter Vitale 1 months ago

    Watch all your videos, really liked this one with the shots in the wood shop.

  • Jonatan Villafana
    Jonatan Villafana 2 months ago

    Did you film your "b-roll" with the c700 or DSLR? If the latter, do you have samples/test shots of the c700? I know Canon wanted to make it compete with the Arri's Alexa xt, which is why the bigger body. How has your experience with the c700 compared to it's competing cinema lines?

  • John Wesley Austin
    John Wesley Austin 2 months ago

    I'm really diggin' your vids. I'm learnin' a lot. your turn. Tri-fold Hard Tonneau cover...you'll love it!

  • Dennis Adkins
    Dennis Adkins 2 months ago

    Dude you need some color in for your hair. When I get gray hair I will never let nobody know I have Any

  • Frosty
    Frosty 2 months ago

    Camera at 6:44

  • SatsuiEvilRyu
    SatsuiEvilRyu 2 months ago

    Backround song at 7:00

  • Jan Nowakowski
    Jan Nowakowski 2 months ago

    "This camera is so heavy" - said the guy that carries 1D on gorilla ^^

  • Padded Cell Art
    Padded Cell Art 2 months ago

    I've watched a couple okay a lot of your videos and I've noticed you don't use Suggestion Cards.. I can't help but wonder if it's to avoid losing the viewer to them wandering off and causing your view time to drop. I might be heavily reading into this but figured you know not cause you ask not. So I'm asking at the off chance you will see this message out of the bajillion ones asking things of ya. No matter what.. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing the love for cinematography so us new folks have stuff to get excited about while we face plant at first lol.
    Maybe aesthetics thing. Any hoot.. *scoots*

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 3 months ago

    I'm sure someone can correct my ignorance, but I feel like there are diminishing returns when it comes to money spent on gear. I don't think that my photos or footage from a $30,000 kit would actually be 10x better than from a $3000 kit.
    Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, though.

  • Vincent Carlston
    Vincent Carlston 3 months ago

    Dude Peter are your truck straps Canon brand? They're colored like a 5d3 strap.

  • Ritik Gupta
    Ritik Gupta 3 months ago

    How can cannon just give it to you??

  • Ritik Gupta
    Ritik Gupta 3 months ago

    That's a pretty expensive gear

  • Island Beat Studios
    Island Beat Studios 3 months ago

    What’s the title of the song from the b roll sequence? I’m having the hardest time looking for it on epidemicsound.com

  • A4AnshuL
    A4AnshuL 3 months ago

    you should have done a review... I mean come on like we know little about it...