• Published on:  1/12/2019
  • Ever seen a defunct 80s car brand and wished you could have it in your garage? Well, we sometimes have those nostalgic moments too. Here is our list of 15 totally awesome 80s vehicle designs meant for the future.Ztylus Stinger Plus Car Vehicle Emergency Escape Tool Available on Amazon 🛒 https://amzn.to/2SsJRTt*Website* 📱https://mindseyeyoutube.com *Mind's Eye Amazon* 🛒https://amazon.com/shop/mindseyedesign*Members* 🔑https://goo.gl/xCeCFmUsers of iOS https://goo.gl/eKfaco*Playlists!* 👈https://goo.gl/KdumQF*Connect* 💡https://goo.gl/fqrncD*Our Latest Video* 🎬👇https://ltstyt.be/@mindseyedesign*Subscribe!* 🔔https://goo.gl/S8IpFj*Explore* 🌎https://goo.gl/UXobsFSocial Media 👈*Instagram*https://instagram.com/design.mindseye*Twitter*https://twitter.com/mindseyevideo*Pinterest*https://pinterest.com/mindseyevideo*Facebook* https://facebook.com/mindseyedesignmediaWebsite: https://mindseyeyoutube.comFeatured 80s Vehicle DESIGNS 🤘15. Glenfrome Facet (1983)http://www.1000sel.com/index.php/rang...14. Ford Probe IV Concept (1983)http://www.ford.com13. Gurgel Itaipu E-400 (1980-81) João Gurgel 12. Pontiac Stinger (1989)http://www.potiac.com11. Lamborghini Athon (1980)http://www.Lamborghini.com10. Suzuki Mighty Boy (1985)http://www.globalsuzuki.com/9. Buick Questor (1983)http://www.buick.com8. Nissan NX-21 (1983)http://www.conceptnissan.com7. GMC Centaur (1988)http://www.gmc.com6. Boschert B300 (1989)http://www.Mercedes.com5. Electric Comuta Car (1980General Engines Co4. Wolfrace Sonic (1981)Nick Butler image credits: Wolfrace3. Ford Bronco Montana Lobo (1980-81)http://www.ford.com2. Mercury Antser (1980)Mercury http://www.ford.com1. Ford Bronco DM-1 (1988)Mr. Derek Millsaphttp://www.ford.comLicensed Music 🎧Back Online Binary Love - Broken RadiosIan Post - Deer DanceVoice-over by Glenn Nobel 🗣https://www.glennn.com/15 TOTALLY AWESOME 80s VEHICLE DESIGNS Meant For The FUTURE#mindseyevideo#Vehicles#80s#Awesome*Our Latest Video* 🎬👇https://ltstyt.be/@mindseyedesign


  • mightress
    mightress 6 months ago+168

    Am i the only one who thinks the little suzuki mighty boy is cool?

  • Scott Sayers
    Scott Sayers 7 months ago+99

    That Pontiac stinger would sell today

  • Eremon1
    Eremon1 7 months ago+58

    9:15 How did that car not become a Batmobile?

  • Andre Kershaw
    Andre Kershaw 7 months ago+26

    A lot of these never made it past the concept show car.

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard 1 months ago+5

    The 1983 Ford Probe IV concept vehicle did not sell 800,000 units. I don't know where these guys get their "facts".

  • Frank Visage
    Frank Visage 6 months ago+2

    I'd love to see something like the Mighty Boy sold in the US today. I would drive one.

  • Not Offended
    Not Offended 7 months ago+31

    The mighty boy is still around in Australia!

  • Johan Smith
    Johan Smith 7 months ago+27

    Funny how most of these cars look like Citroen's of the 70's.

  • David Balloid
    David Balloid 7 months ago+16

    I miss how women of the 80's looked and dressed. I also miss music of the 80's

  • Amin Haq
    Amin Haq 7 months ago+27

    Who wouldn't want a car with the name of " Mighty Boy"

  • kosys
    kosys 5 months ago+5

    It's funny how cheesy the future was in the past.

  • HunterXray
    HunterXray 6 months ago+19

    9:13 Batman wants his car back.

  • the cat Nat
    the cat Nat 6 months ago+16

    The Ford Lobo is still cool.

  • Troy Tiedt
    Troy Tiedt 7 months ago+26

    The Bronco lobo 😀

  • HeyDude93gt
    HeyDude93gt 5 months ago+2

    A guy near me has 3 or 4 of those #5 cheese wedge cars

  • Blues of the south no hairline Blues

    1:42 looks like a car straight out of Batman beyond

  • 80spyder1
    80spyder1 7 months ago+33

    I’d like a mighty boy

  • Mike Ogier
    Mike Ogier 5 months ago+14

    The Facet which was car number 15 on the list entered into production as a kit car called Rotrax. Designed by Dennis Adams. I know, I own chassis number 4.

  • VampCaff
    VampCaff 5 months ago+2

    @8:40 my friend growing up had one of these and we used to ride it down his back yard hill and push it back up to ride it down again. Never did actually run. Lol but a lot of fun nonetheless!

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige 5 months ago+9

    I wouldn't mind seeing a remake of the Stinger. At least with today's stronger lightweight parts.