How to make more Vox videos happen

  • Published on:  12/17/2018
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  • Vox 7 months ago

    Hi everyone! We’re super excited about the Video Lab, and understand if you all have questions. You can find a lot of answers at But we’ll also be answering questions in the comments here, so ask away!

  • Vox 3 days ago

    @vishal .p We'll do you one better! Our vid on Kashmir: an entire season of Borders: India

  • Sweetteawillie 1 months ago

    When you edit out facts about technical issues or fail to include them, is that the same as lying by omission?And can you be held liable for misrepresenting the story of such? (re. 737 MAX video)

  • Jeremy Medrano 7 months ago

    Can I support specific reporters? some are awesome but others are terrible and I don't want to support them. The guy from Borders... he is the best.

  • hideto 5 days ago

    and the music lady, and of course joss fong

  • BrainCoolo 5 months ago

    I would support Earworm and Borders

  • Chats 7 months ago

    you guys are better off pitching a full borders series to Netflix or airing it on main stream media to make more money. This membership idea won't get you enough subscribers to support the teams.

  • ilyess ben messaoud 7 months ago

    Sorry, this content is unavailable for purchase. :p

  • Orloff 7 months ago

    Please make some tutorials on filming, editing and video production in general - i would be absolutely glad to pay for them!

  • JOHNY 7 months ago

    I would happily support Vox if this channel was just videos from Johnny Harris (Borders), Estelle Caswell (Earworm), Phil Edwards (Overrated), Christophe Haubursin (By Design), and Joss Fong (Observatory). They make some of my favorite informative videos in the whole internet.But unfortunately, these aren't the only videos this channel uploads and the rest of the content is often clickbait, unnecessary controversies, extremely biased, and sometimes misinformed. Specially the videos from people like C...

  • 杨宽 1 months ago

    but i dont want to give youtube 30% cut :(

  • rumpjohan 3 months ago

    This is my online school, thank you Vox thank you.

  • lwx1 6 months ago

    I love Don't watch too many of the videos but happy to finally have a way to support your journalism. I don't want anything extra for the money. Keep up the great work.

  • Alossson 7 months ago

    If only you stoped making political content