What the "Expose" of David Dobrik Actually Reveals About Cancel Culture

  • Published on:  2/5/2019
  • Last week, I made a video about cancel culture. The main premise of the video was to showcase the trivial things people get offended by these days. Due to that topic being sensitive, a minority of people misunderstood my message. Many misconstrued it as “public criticism of all sort should be frowned upon”. This is not the case. Today, I want to clear that message up by examining the latest person to be “canceled”. We will be looking at the drama between Trisha Paytas, Jason Nash, David Dobrik, and what Trisha has attempted in order to “cancel” the two. Hopefully my thoughts will be better understood by breaking down this latest example of “cancel culture”. Find me Here:YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Designin...Twitter: https://twitter.com/designingdonna Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/psychirl/My Gear (Affiliate Links):Camera - Canon 70d: http://amzn.to/2oT8PhB Lav Microphone: http://amzn.to/2H8i6K3Lights: http://amzn.to/2FeLHVZMain Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoRgK... http://psych-your-mind.blogspot.com/2... https://www.youtube.com/user/blndsund... https://www.youtube.com/user/JasonNas... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmh5...


  • ツ
     6 months ago+6239

    Great video... you're almost as good as Gloria Borger! 😉👌

  • Isabel Ayala
    Isabel Ayala 6 months ago+2503

    Just to correct u David doesn’t actually make money from his videos. They get demonetized due to the content he puts out. He makes his money through other means like merch and his podcast and probably SeatGeek sponsorship.

  • Chloe C
    Chloe C 6 months ago+599

    Literally everyone knows what David is. His eyes light up when he shoots his friends with a paintball gun. 0% of his viewers are going to be affected by someone calling him a horrible person.

  • Your Dad Kermit
    Your Dad Kermit 6 months ago+860

    David Dobrik can never be cancelled

  • Roxanne Lavender
    Roxanne Lavender 6 months ago+501

    Was she really trying to 'cancel' David though? Or was she literally just venting on camera, like she always does about all kinds of stuff.

  • LollyHolly
    LollyHolly 6 months ago+350

    Trisha wouldn’t be able to cancel anyone because she has very little credibility herself and does these videos so much no one takes her seriously anymore. Also that video in particular she brought jasons ex wife, children and other people into it. Everyone has seen that she’s a very manipulative person and her and Jason have a very toxic relationship and Trisha finds this stuff funny when it’s not against her.

    NUGGET 6 months ago+262

    Trisha said she hasn't even met Jason's Ex Wife and she talked crap about her.

  • Roberto Blake
    Roberto Blake 6 months ago+986

    Solid video Donna. Internet culture is becoming more volatile every day. I think a large part of it is the lack of friction when it comes to impulse control. Twitter being a primary example. There is no barrier to broadcasting anything that pops into your head, even if it is a horrible idea, and nobody asked your opinion. As a result, people put themselves in a position where those words are on the record and held against them years later.
    In IRL if they knew they were absolutely going to be heard and held accountable for them, they would self-censor. And as much as free speech absolutist will disagree self-censorship is a good, thing its called self-preservation because every action has consequences, which is why IRL we practice impulse control.
    Yes we all have the right to our opinion, but most of us are not going to walk up to a 6'8 gentleman with face tattoos and give him our unfiltered thoughts about anything... because our brain will say "this isn't a healthy choice".... but the internet gives us unlimited freedom to make bad decisions without necessarily weighing the immediate or long term consequences.

  • chai
    chai 6 months ago+165

    trisha supports trump
    cancel culture comes attack
    trisha got dumped
    everyone starts siding and feeling pity for her immediately

  • Malaika Amin
    Malaika Amin 6 months ago+325

    OH mob mentality not mom mentality

  • Childish Emrino
    Childish Emrino 6 months ago+67

    She barely had anything on david honestly
    Was that video actually supposed to make me hate david

  • Paloma Wells
    Paloma Wells 5 days ago+8

    This popped up in my recommended and it scared me because I was thinking “what did he do” then I realized this was uploaded 6 months ago lmao

  • x9x9x9x9x9
    x9x9x9x9x9 6 months ago+277

    Trisha does this stuff to stir up views/drama. If people don't see how she does this then damn people are blind. She did it with the 100 layers thing, then the "break-up" now this, She makes a ton of money off it so why not.
    Anyways cancel culture has gotten out of hand. People get super offended over thoughts these days. "oh you thought something racist 40 years ago? You're cancelled!" Our society has become an over sensitive drama queen.

  • Bobby’s Bag
    Bobby’s Bag 6 months ago+62

    She gonna be sucking Jason toes next week

  • Wicked Fire
    Wicked Fire 6 months ago+30

    So what we don’t care if David got exposed in fact he never got exposed at all. All Trisha did was talked about the reason why she was crying or having mental breakdown. All did David was joked around with Jason and Trisha having a threesome with tana monologuie, he was joking, he’s a young, he’s learning. Besides it isn’t canceled because Trisha the vlogs are still going on. I saw it a day ago. David has been the chillest person at of trisha. I may be a fan and all. But Jason and tana’s date years (months really) before Jason and Trisha met each other.

  • Kayla g
    Kayla g 6 months ago+39

    I hate this frat boy humor

  • g r a c e ! ¡
    g r a c e ! ¡ 3 months ago+8

    trisha: * constantly makes jokes about sleeping with people eg jason’s dad, david etc *
    jason: * makes one or two jokes about it *
    trisha: DaViD dObRiK iS a HoRrIbLe HuMaN bEiNg

  • Heavenly Controller
    Heavenly Controller 6 months ago+3206

    I’ve honestly never heard about any of this until now LOL

  • Lil Min Suga
    Lil Min Suga 6 months ago+85

    I love David Dobirk and all, but sometimes he can go so far, and I feel that Trisha might me telling the truth but there's going to be no way that anyone will believe her, because she has gotten into so many conserversies that I think we've all lost count. But, idk, my opinion anyway.

  • hi hey
    hi hey 6 months ago+90

    First of all David will never be cancelled 😌💅