Your friends could be working against S.H.I.E.L.D. in "Hail Hydra" | Marvel Let's Play

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • Ryan Penagos and a suite of friends team up to take down some Marvel villains, but who among them is secretly working for Hydra? Find out in this round of "Hail Hydra" by Spin Master.

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  • CamilaSkillz
    CamilaSkillz 22 days ago

    Hey where did you get the sleeves they’re awesome! And what size are they I just got Hail Hydra.

  • General Ivan
    General Ivan 1 months ago

    The lady should have suspected the guy on the right was Hydra. He was the only other person that played 2 cards and they ended up with 3 negative cards. So someone must have played 2 negative cards, if it wasn't her it must have been him...

  • Sarah Soares
    Sarah Soares 3 months ago

    Hail Hydra.

  • Glenn van Waesberghe
    Glenn van Waesberghe 3 months ago

    While this might be a fun game, this video did a terrible job of explaining the game, and making it look fun.

  • Sman MMO
    Sman MMO 3 months ago

    So it's Marvel's version of bang

  • Gabriel Idusogie
    Gabriel Idusogie 3 months ago

    This is pretty much Secret Hitler

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 3 months ago

    Hail hydra

  • Jason Tilford
    Jason Tilford 3 months ago

    So this is Mafia, but Marvel Comics style? I can get behind this.

  • Aimless Dreamer
    Aimless Dreamer 3 months ago

    This is like the Marvel version of Resistance

  • Astro theultimate
    Astro theultimate 3 months ago

    It’s secret Hitler for marvel... neat

  • GamerLogic
    GamerLogic 3 months ago

    How easy... playing cards to save the world...

  • Liana Verwood
    Liana Verwood 3 months ago

    Would of made more sense if they were skulls not hydra.

  • Jelena M
    Jelena M 3 months ago

    Like the Secret Hitler game

  • nikolasstormy
    nikolasstormy 3 months ago

    Secret Hitler anyone?

  • Gabriel Karapondo
    Gabriel Karapondo 3 months ago

    So it’s Resistance with marvel characters

  • Maxwgab _
    Maxwgab _ 3 months ago

    Hail Galactus

  • inesproxima
    inesproxima 3 months ago

    This game makes me wish I had friends

  • Patrick Mendoza
    Patrick Mendoza 3 months ago+1

    So who is secretly the Nazi?

  • I need therapy after infinity war


  • Alex Parker
    Alex Parker 3 months ago

    It's a Russian game named "Mafia" known long time ago )))