Your friends could be working against S.H.I.E.L.D. in "Hail Hydra" | Marvel Let's Play

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • Ryan Penagos and a suite of friends team up to take down some Marvel villains, but who among them is secretly working for Hydra? Find out in this round of "Hail Hydra" by Spin Master.Hail Hydra is available now: ► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • bifa 9 months ago

    "A team that trusts is a team that triumphs"

  • Alex Guy 9 months ago

    R.I.P Mace

  • Charles-Antoine Pouliot oooh shoot

  • Lambert 9 months ago

    Hail Hydra

  • Tony haston 9 months ago

    Thanos have helicopter and car

  • Infinite Nightcore 9 months ago

    Dang you really can't trust anyone....🤔

  • Stealthabotte 9 months ago

    So... this is roughly a Marvel edition of the Secret Hitler board game? I can dig it.

  • TheIronBar 007 9 months ago

    Sorry earth is closed today.OrGo home squidward.

  • EasyToKnow 9 months ago

    Should i tell you a Joke?DCUEdit: Or DCEU idk

  • EasyToKnow 9 months ago

    @Spider Man lol

  • mamamo 9 months ago

    @bifa its actually worlds of dc

  • Captain Comic 9 months ago

    This just sounds like a Marvel-themed version of Secret Hitler.

  • El Feguel 9 months ago


  • The ohama 9 months ago

    I'm working for the Hydra and also Im Skrull

  • Aryan Virdi 9 months ago

    I am iron man

  • Bendik Kalsås 9 months ago

    Your not