• Published on:  11/27/2016
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  • TaeTae_226
    TaeTae_226 2 years ago+1541

    I love jaunpa. I wish his videos were in english

  • Isha 2018
    Isha 2018 a years ago+162

    Wassabi: do u have that song in Mexico
    Juampa: no

  • Bahiyah Davids
    Bahiyah Davids 10 months ago+81

    When Juanpa speaks English i love his accent 😂💕😍🔥❤
    And his voice and face and personality in general as well 😍🔥💕😂❤

  • Riya and Chesda
    Riya and Chesda 10 months ago+49

    Alex: You broke it!
    Juanpa: I’m sorry, I’m just trying to blend in with the American world.
    Me: xD

  • celeste hernandez
    celeste hernandez a years ago+311

    Juanpa and his soft punch was so funny and cute😂 and there’s alex breaking the glass😂😂

  • imjustalexis
    imjustalexis 2 years ago+2259

    I saw Juanpa in the thumbnail, I clicked immediately 😂💖😂💖 Love the both of u

  • ゃBゃゃAnnaゃ
    ゃBゃゃAnnaゃ a years ago+66

    Instead of the last test being "The Puppy Test", it should've been called, "The Guppy Puppy Test". lol 😄😆😊

  • Keifer Oriol
    Keifer Oriol 8 months ago+13

    Juanpa:Hammer Test!!!
    ( 3:23 )

  • yoongiis a whole meal
    yoongiis a whole meal 2 months ago+8

    2:58 that "VIVA MEXICO!" killed me. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Selene Vega
    Selene Vega 11 months ago+27

    Juanpa:*what am I doing with my life I really don't understand
    Alex:*glass cup next
    Juanpa:*juanpa's death i thought I was going to die
    Alex:*it spilled
    Me grace:*lol so funny love u both and say hi to lele for me lol I love all of u and even u laurdiy bye

  • Hanna Thioux
    Hanna Thioux 2 years ago+1831

    Alex : YOU BROKE IT!
    Juanpa : I'm trying to blend in with the american world!

  • Øof. Chløe
    Øof. Chløe a years ago+14

    “Hammer test” than.. “HAMMER TEST” I LAUGHED SO HARD LMAO

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor 3 months ago+6

    “I’m sorry I’m just trying to blend in in this American world”, HAHAHA 🤣😂
    Edit,thank you guys for the three likes 😊

  • Narwhalia Gaming
    Narwhalia Gaming 11 months ago+6

    Juanpa:*Small soft punch*
    Alex:*Instant break*
    "I'm sorry I'm trying to blend in with this American world!"

  • Dragon Legend
    Dragon Legend 4 months ago+4

    2:56 Alex; Regular Cup!
    Juanpa: Juanpa’s Death.

  • Maddy Salazar
    Maddy Salazar 2 years ago+1677

    Yay I love him juannpa is funny 😂 can u do more vids with him plz

  • Chaser 118
    Chaser 118 6 days ago

    "I'm sorry I'm just trying to blend in, in this American world" 😂💞

  • Grace Beans
    Grace Beans 3 months ago+3

    Juampa is my celebrity crush I now I need to keep it a secret

  • Oakley Chan_Xx
    Oakley Chan_Xx 1 months ago+3

    During the puppy test I immediately thought as Juanpa: the evil man, making the puppy break it.
    And Alex: The idiot evil man(henchman) laughing at Juanpa's plan. XD 😅😂😂 Edit: Sorry, not as Alex the idiot evil man, I meant by like a, ......, I don't even know 😅

  • Hikari Taniguchi
    Hikari Taniguchi 11 months ago+12

    u guys are the perfect collab