50 Donut Challenge (12,000+ Cals)

  • Published on:  3/20/2017
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  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  2 years ago+10446

    Donut or Doughnut?

  • B2M
    B2M 2 years ago+4371

    I dare you to eat the earth

  • Harry Robertson
    Harry Robertson 5 months ago+1168

    Some people call this a challenge but I just call it

  • HyperX 56
    HyperX 56 3 months ago+779

    Matt:50 donut challenge
    Police:Hold my Coffee

  • Yep Bae
    Yep Bae 3 months ago+317

    Police officer: A donut please
    Cashier: Matt Stonie was here
    Police officer: what does it mean?
    Cashier: there are no donuts anymore

  • guppy hates bears
    guppy hates bears 3 months ago+115

    0:55 they ask you how you are and you just say your fine but your not really fine because you just can't get into it because they would never understand

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 2 years ago+2003

    At least he's drinking water

  • Sumeet Zankar
    Sumeet Zankar 3 months ago+131

    0:53 Who all realized that thing was falling before it actually fell.

  • Faith Anderson
    Faith Anderson 2 months ago+144

    His face when the Donuts fell was funny I'm dieing lol 😂

  • Jack Sicol Memes
    Jack Sicol Memes 3 months ago+51

    Matt stonie: finishes challenge
    Toilet: OH GOD PLEASE NO!!!

  • Purple Myst
    Purple Myst 2 days ago+3

    The donuts falling and your expression is my fave part of the video😂

  • Ricardo Doing Damage.
    Ricardo Doing Damage. 6 months ago+959

    Choc choc choc glaze pow pow pow glaze glaze choc choc choc.

  • Insane123654 '
    Insane123654 ' 4 months ago+45

    Bruh this isn't a challenge it's paradise

    MIGUEL SOTO GUERRERO 3 days ago+1

    Available on Spotify , Pandora, and Youtube Music
    Matt Stonie's chocoLAZE
    FT. The Donuts

  • bharath chandran
    bharath chandran 2 months ago+16

    After 50 donuts.. He says he's full😐

  • Sekruno /:
    Sekruno /: 2 months ago+20

    Mattie stonie I’m hungry
    Decides to get 50 doughnuts

  • bryce e
    bryce e 2 years ago+1811

    I don't even care that he advertises. He deserves everything he has!

  • Rosita Siaea
    Rosita Siaea 5 months ago+26

    50 doughnuts is a normal breakfast right

  • Pandacorn Drawz
    Pandacorn Drawz 14 days ago+10

    Me: eats half a donut, gets diabetes
    Him: eats 50 donuts, fit and strong

  • Bacon Dude
    Bacon Dude 21 days ago+17

    Matt: manages to eat a building
    Me: gets diabetes from looking at a cake 🎂
    Edit: thx for the likes!