10 Things Not To Do as a SuperHero (Avengers)

  • Published on:  2/18/2019
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  • Jam Hopsey
    Jam Hopsey 6 months ago+1128

    “Pencil man”
    “Sharpens pencils”

  • P.U.M.A
    P.U.M.A 6 months ago+462

    I have lost 5,438 brain cells after watching this video.

  • MyUserNamesIsThis Bacon
    MyUserNamesIsThis Bacon 13 hours ago+1

    I like condiment man better his voice is funny xD

  • Nabil Hendrayitno
    Nabil Hendrayitno 3 months ago+48

    I hope the Wi-Fi password man is real😭😭

  • Puglover
    Puglover 2 months ago+63

    Press this for good luck

  • Prateek Pradeep
    Prateek Pradeep 4 months ago+29

    The most important thing not do as an avenger is to not fart😂😂😂
    Like the comment if u feel so

    GAMER CO 5 months ago+437

    This is how cool you are

  • Lyndsay Hurt
    Lyndsay Hurt 5 months ago+338

    You are so Savage if you hit 👍

  • Diamondz 4 ever
    Diamondz 4 ever 5 months ago+24

    When he said bless you 1 second before he said that is sneezed XD and I've never had 1 like 😢😢😢
    ( ●-●)
    Bunny wishes you luck do nothing to activate 😀
    Have the best day ever

  • Nikki Cruz
    Nikki Cruz 4 months ago+35


  • Mr Piggy Lord
    Mr Piggy Lord 2 days ago

    Batman: i am BATMAAN
    Me: i am wifi mannn!
    * Super man music comes *

  • Simply One Wish
    Simply One Wish 5 months ago+1063

    press this for $1000000000000000000 dollars

  • albie stevens
    albie stevens yesterday

    Upman? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??
    Oh you little sod!! I KNOW WHATS GOING ON NOW!!!

  • MewtwoTMCS21
    MewtwoTMCS21 4 months ago+41

    Wifi Password Man would be my favourite superhero

  • Bijan Behzadi
    Bijan Behzadi 5 months ago+12

    0:46-0:48 that ladies and gentleman is the face of getting knowledge in your head

  • simha113 roblox kid

    Me:I need WiFi
    WiFi password man:I mmmmmmmm a WiFi everyone gets WiFi

  • St.Pootis
    St.Pootis 6 months ago+293

    10 things not to do when making a thumbnail

  • Gamer AlisonPlayz
    Gamer AlisonPlayz 4 months ago+45

    Me: I'm bored. IDK what to watch on YouTube. Sees Guava Juice OH FINALLY! IT'S TIME TO LAUGH HARD!!
    When it plays...
    Me: Laughs so hard
    Infininity and infinity
    And infinity later...
    No jokes! Except from the infinity.

  • beatmymeat
    beatmymeat 1 months ago+11

    Sneeze man said bless you after I just sneezed XD

  • sadia afroz
    sadia afroz 28 days ago+2

    Um hue man red and blue make purple not green......