70th Emmy Awards: Reparation Emmys

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • Michael Che visits Emmys history to right some wrongs.


  • IHateSexWorkers
    IHateSexWorkers 11 months ago+63

    This is actually pretty sad that all these amazing actors never got the credit they deserve.

  • Daetwan Williams
    Daetwan Williams 11 months ago+93

    "You ain't played baseball in your life"...man John Witherspoon is hilarious

  • DFerguson722
    DFerguson722 11 months ago+46

    Best Emmy skit ever!!

  • EmmanuelPierrePortraits
    EmmanuelPierrePortraits 11 months ago+63

    I did not realize that I needed this moment in my life😢
    There are too many celebrities and too many black sitcoms that have never been recognized by the Television Academy (some have never even seen a nomination)
    I'm glad flowers were given while they are still alive🙌🏾

  • Daniel Casttillo
    Daniel Casttillo 11 months ago+88

    The Wire is underrated asf! Biggest heist in american history

  • iHeart Gaming and Whose Line

    man this is really making me wish that James Avery was still alive, I bet he would have been in this sketch

  • Serious One
    Serious One 11 months ago+21

    The look on Michael Che's face when Jimmy Walker said "Dynamic!" instead of "Dy-no-mite!" Priceless.

  • Tonyiisme
    Tonyiisme 11 months ago+72

    This is incredible... so many greats never were awarded but there work is unforgettable

  • Joe Coe
    Joe Coe 11 months ago+43

    Alfonso Ribeiro!!!

  • Shane Thompson
    Shane Thompson 11 months ago+30

    I see a lot of people listing actors that were left out (who rightfully should have been included). The reality of the situation is that if all the entertainers who were overlooked over the years due to the color of their skin were included then this bit would have taken up the whole Emmys time slot instead of three minutes.

  • Butch Reed
    Butch Reed 11 months ago+19

    Shot out to Robert Townsend. And The black dude on the love boat

  • ronnie williams
    ronnie williams 11 months ago+43

    My heart is full.

  • Nina Underdue
    Nina Underdue 11 months ago+9

    Brian Cranston!!!! I love that he has a sense of humor.

    RARZIAHH 11 months ago+14

    award for John Amos as James Evans.

  • Lana Harris
    Lana Harris 11 months ago+14

    I can't be the only one who heard Granddad Freeman when John Witherspoon started talking

  • Foxx Charles
    Foxx Charles 11 months ago+5

    This is perfect. They all really deserved to be winners and at least nominated. Icons forever. "You ain't play baseball in your life" lmao. I know there's gotta be bloopers of John saying some more funny shit.

  • S C
    S C 11 months ago+19

    Witherspoon was reading "engraving", on the 1968 Emmy for "I Spy", which was Bill Cosby's show with Robert Culp, implying that The academy retrieved all of Bill Cosby's awards. Incidentally, Robert Culp went to bat and insisted on Cosby as his co-star, because some network executives were racist and did not want a black male lead. Fast forward 5 decades later, and Bill Cosby's fall from being an industry heavyweight to a sexual predator is mind boggling.

  • Figuring Things Out Web series

    Beautiful! This just warms my heart, so many greats, so many legends. Grew up on all of them, love it!

  • Zandile Xulu
    Zandile Xulu 11 months ago+24

    I'm trying to understand who would dislike this and why? I mean, even if you dislike the host or the channel, this is heartwarming. I just don't get it. It's like disliking puppy videos

  • GatorGirl04
    GatorGirl04 10 months ago+2

    Sometimes you see or hear something you never knew you needed...as a fan, I needed this. Thanks Che!