Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE - "These Heaux" (Official Audio)



  • SydneyMcd066
    SydneyMcd066 a years ago+1140

    I showed this to my grass.. now I have weed.

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  • Tiara AaAaaAAa
    Tiara AaAaaAAa a years ago+303

    Seriously all the song's she made are lit

  • Avril dennie
    Avril dennie a years ago+824

    She got a point, I think she was referring to the people on the Dr.Phil show and Dr.Phil, She made it clear when she said "the Hoes are laughing"

  • Hool igan
    Hool igan a years ago+459

    This is str8 better than jake paul's song.

  • Olivia Burton
    Olivia Burton a years ago+1286

    I hate admitting this but this lowkey go hard

  • Bleach pls
    Bleach pls a years ago+192

    ok this is kinda fire

  • VX YT
    VX YT a years ago+77

    A lot of people hate her for her actions but If you think about it people are like her for a reason.She never purposely wanted to be on a talk show or be famous for a meme.She he’s never said “Cash me outside how boh dah.”She never intentionally meant to have attention for people across the U.S and other places.She just acts like that and admit nobody is gonna act like an angel people act really dumb for stupid reasons but I don’t know her story and past life and you might not know all of it too.Maybe something really heartbreaking happened to her and made her act this way who knows ok.Just saying.No hate Danielle

  • elvira gabison
    elvira gabison a years ago+313

    Yeah pocket so swalla👅

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  • Mr Cal
    Mr Cal a years ago+1357

    Im sure Dr Phil bumpin this🔥🔥

  • En4Cer
    En4Cer a years ago+480

    Kids React?

  • jaylene
    jaylene a years ago+72

    this song makes me wanna get out of my car with out my keys

  • Julissa Reyes
    Julissa Reyes a years ago+230

    The Song Made Me Subscribers too Danielle

  • marilyn
    marilyn a years ago+160

    Just.. Damn 🔥

  • Jacky Wuzz here
    Jacky Wuzz here 2 years ago+499

    Im dead 1:29😂😂😂😂(background)
    Edit:damm I never thought I was gonna get to 500 likes😂😂😂

  • Kat yoongi
    Kat yoongi a years ago+28

    ricegum can't say nothing about this

  • Nandha Zaskya
    Nandha Zaskya a years ago+15

    "Parental Advisory Explicit Content"
    Me: "She's still underage broh~"

  • inaboxanimations
    inaboxanimations a years ago+41

    Reading comments and thinking "shame on these heaux..."

  • かじかじ
    かじかじ a years ago+52

    show this to Dr Phil.