• Published on:  3/19/2019
  • Zane is a huge Game of Thrones fan, and I'm so thankful I was able to surprise him with one of the cast members . I also took away everyone's cell phones for the night!Tickets for my shows:Irvine Show, April 7: Jose, April 28: Ingram-Kelly played Shireen Baratheon from seasons 3 to 5. Follow her here!!Twitter: NEW MERCH►► PODCAST ► to David's Channel ► check out some of best videos: Zane is Cool ► Natalie ► vs Stamos ► Tour Video ► Ruins Our Vacation ► TO MY FAMILY CHANNEL ► TO THIS CHANNEL ►► ► ►@Jason23nashTWITTER► MOVIES: JASON NASH IS MARRIED ► ►fmlthemovie.comThe Descent Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Code: W7WCI (get $10 in delivery credit!)


  • lectraheart 💕
    lectraheart 💕 5 months ago+3079

    Biggest plot twist was David hiding under the blanket.

  • Jed Hawes
    Jed Hawes 5 months ago+2226

    I’m so early Olivia is still in college

  • Tia Hatzisavvas
    Tia Hatzisavvas 5 months ago+1263

    Was David on the floor all that time didn’t even notice

  • Philippe Parle Peu
    Philippe Parle Peu 5 months ago+1075

    I'm a GOT superfan and I would never have recognised Kerry, she's grown so much since her Shireen days!

  • Megan Kearns
    Megan Kearns 5 months ago+1420

    Zane looks so genuinely excited when he hugged her and put his arm on the chair behind her. He's always so sweet.

  • JustAnotherLondoner
    JustAnotherLondoner 4 months ago+370

    Wait I'm so shocked about her not being invited to the premiere of not only S8 but of S5 which she was in??!? That's so messed up lol

  • Deepa Joshi
    Deepa Joshi 5 months ago+412

    Please clean your lens man i love your vlogs but its giving me anxiety

  • Gabi Talks
    Gabi Talks 5 months ago+735

    As a GOT fan I’m loving hearing behind-the-scenes stuff like this

  • Electric Reverie
    Electric Reverie 5 months ago+374

    Lmfao I didn’t even realize David was in the room until he appeared on the floor.

  • Jennie Catherine Whalen
    Jennie Catherine Whalen 5 months ago+870

    The smudge, Jason, the smudge 🤦‍♀️

  • Shambhala Shred it
    Shambhala Shred it 5 months ago+119

    I always scroll down and read comments while watching. All i see is david was on floor now im just staring at the floor waiting for him to show 😂😂😂

  • Pourya Bigonah
    Pourya Bigonah 5 months ago+462

    Zane is Such a loveable guy, he would Even be excited if you suprised him with some guy you saw working at IKEA the other day.

  • Jack H.
    Jack H. 5 months ago+186

    Jason and Trish really must be over since Jason hired a female assistant 👀

  • Nicole Prestemon
    Nicole Prestemon 5 months ago+165

    David being under that blanket the whole time is like the end of the first Saw. I did not see that shit coming!

  • M.a _
    M.a _ 5 months ago+187

    Whyd id geniunely think it would be khalessi even though i deadass knew it could never be ..

  • Alpha m
    Alpha m 5 months ago+273

    Zane how did you get your start?! 😂

  • sarah mac
    sarah mac 5 months ago+223

    5:23 love how david appears out of nowhere
    for a second i was like who's jason talking to?

    THE LYVE FAMILY 5 months ago+298

    Jason is underrated , this is the full cuts of David’s vlogs 👏😂

  • Actually Madness
    Actually Madness 5 months ago+91

    Jason is moving up in the world if he got his own Natalie!

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait 5 months ago+83

    Zane and the New Natalie could be a cute thing 😂🤷🏻‍♀️